The President urged prosecutors to protect business from pressure

The President urged prosecutors to protect business from pressure


Vladimir Putin spoke at the ceremonial meeting in honor of the 295th anniversary of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation

Photo: press service of the President of Russia/kremlin.EN

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the Prosecutor General’s office in the year of the environment, especially to monitor closely the implementation of the law in the field of environmental protection, called on prosecutors to protect “honest business from groundless checks” and asked to pay greater attention to compliance with labour and social legislation.

The head of state attended the solemn meeting dedicated to the 295th anniversary of the Russian Prosecutor’s office. The event was held in a historical building on Bolshaya Dmitrovka street in Moscow.

Vladimir Putin congratulated employees of the Ministry and reminded them that “to perform their professional duties Prosecutor’s office
this very broad powers, and the means and methods prosecutors
supervision allow not only to stop violations of the law, but also to eliminate their causes.”

According to the President, the role of the Supervisory authority are evident in all sectors of legal regulation. However, special attention asked be paid to issues related to wages, and enforcement of pension legislation.

— It is important that in recent times the emphasis in the work of the office is done on the supervision of labor and social legislation, including issues of remuneration, accrual of pensions and benefits. I ask you to continue to keep these issues under special control, — said the head of state. The actual assistance must provide the office of the Prosecutor of socially vulnerable categories of citizens, the elderly, the disabled, minors. In difficult situations, such support is simply irreplaceable, for example in the field of shared construction, protection of housing rights in General.

Among the most urgent tasks, according to the President, and the oversight of regulatory authorities. He recalled that the fair, honest, transparent business should be protected by the state including unnecessary inspections and other pressure.

Photo: press service of the President of Russia/kremlin.EN



— Over the past year, prosecutors identified more than 150 thousand violations associated with the implementation of state and municipal control over business. This area should continue to pay attention, — said Vladimir Putin.

The official representative of the Prosecutor General Aleksandr Kurennoy said “Izvestia” that business people quite often complain about the violation of the procedure for conducting inspections. He also recalled that in June 2016 the Department operates a “straight line” for entrepreneurs. During her work in GP has received 634 treatment. Lead (175 cases) statements about raiding and other illegal actions against the business. On the second place on frequency of references (128) is baseless prosecutions and imprisonment of businessmen into custody. In third place (108) — complaints on violation of procedures for the provision of public services and placing orders on the procurement website. More than 50 businesses reported the violation of the procedure for conducting inspections.

The Prosecutor’s office should constantly monitor the fulfillment of the law and in the field of environment protection and natural resources, said Vladimir Putin. The President said that only on the fact of theft of forest resources and violations of the rules of fire safety in forests, on the initiative of prosecutors instituted over 1 thousand criminal cases.

— The year of ecology declared in Russia in 2017, requires the prosecution, and other levels of government to improve coordination of work in this area to achieve significant new results, — said the head of state.

In his speech, Vladimir Putin also touched upon the issues of fighting corruption, calling on prosecutors to take an active part in improving anti-corruption legislation. He also drew the attention of prosecutors to the importance of monitoring the situation with observance of rights of citizens serving sentences in places of deprivation of liberty. The President reminded that the statutory standards of detention,
their rights, including to health care, must be respected.

Russian Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika thanked Vladimir Putin for his personal presence at the ceremony.

— For all employees is in the highest degree honorable, is appealed to the President the attorney General.

The Prosecutor’s office of Russia was established on January 12, 1722 by decree of Peter I. For procurators were fixed on the function of “monitor the legality of actions of officials and protection of state interests”.

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