The President urged to distinguish between the fight against corruption and self-praise

The President urged to distinguish between the fight against corruption and self-praise


Vladimir Putin met with the Board of legislators in St. Petersburg

Photo: press-service of administration of the President of Russia/kremlin.EN

Russian President Vladimir Putin held in St. Petersburg meeting with members of the Council of legislators under Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. The meeting was traditionally held in the Tauride Palace and was dedicated to the Day of Russian parliamentarism. The President discussed with members the improvement of legislation in the areas of anti-corruption, trade regulation, import substitution, as well as issues of parliamentary control in the field of regional policy. During the discussion, he urged not to substitute the fight against corruption – with-praise.

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The President reminded that in the Tauride Palace 111 years ago launched the first State Duma of Russia. He noted that the Board of legislators has done much to improve the legislative process, to enhance law-making culture. However, not all problems have been solved.

– So far failed to reach a comprehensive and systemic approach to the creation and updating of the legislative framework. The bills do not always have thorough and comprehensive study. Little consideration to scientific and expert assessments; still persisting, unfortunately (actually, it’s kind of not just your fault, it is your fault and your colleagues in the Executive authorities) haste, undue rush and even vanity, – the President emphasized.

The head of state noticed that all the “I want to look decent, everyone wants to make the decision that tomorrow’s manna will fall”.

But she doesn’t wallow, this miracle will not happen. Decisions must be reconciled, they must be based on reality, on our capabilities and the needs of society, the President said, adding that often need to meet people, talk to them, understand their position.

One of the main topics of the meeting was the fight against corruption. It in the light of the unsanctioned rallies, which were held in Russia on April 26, raised the speaker of the Parliament of North Ossetia Alexey Machnev. Vladimir Putin in the answer has reminded that the problem of bribery facing not only our country but many countries in the world.

– Manifestations of this kind undermine the very trust of citizens to authorities, the state as such. And we will target the law enforcement system in the fight against corruption, – said the President.

However, Vladimir Putin, corruption is often used by the opposition in the political struggle.

– Need to distinguish between those who really wants to do is really to strengthen the state, and those who are trying to use this as a tool in its political struggle for self-advertisement, – said the President.

He cited the example of events in Ukraine and some Arab countries where the fight against corruption was on the agenda of the opposition rallies. In the end, said Vladimir Putin, bribery, and according to the Ukrainian citizens who moved to Russia, if the kickbacks were 50%, now 75% of all.

The head of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko thanked the President for regular communication with the Board of legislators and expressed the hope that governors will take an example from the head of state and will be more likely to communicate with members of the legislatures. Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin has promised that in the future the Federal Parliament will be more likely to support legislative initiatives of regional colleagues, but you need to help them with quality design bills.

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