The President will support the business

The President will support the business


Vladimir Putin has assured entrepreneurs the opportunity to solve priority problems

Photo: TASS/press service of President of Russia/Mikhail Klimentyev

Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the jubilee Congress of the organisation of businessmen “Business Russia”. Businessmen complained to the head of state the difficulties that impede the development of non-oil sector. The President promised to discuss these issues with the government and solve them.

Vladimir Putin thanked the business for a Patriotic stance in the so-called business diplomacy.

— During the open dialogue we are able to solve many problems: feedback from the business community as quickly as possible, effectively to make state decisions. It is important that we have a common understanding of national priorities and the General approach it is to give businesses the maximum freedom, the President said. The best response to any external restrictions — no alternative path to well-being of our citizens. Now, we have managed to stabilize the economy. But the goal, of course, we have a wider, more steady growth. You need to find new tools and increase efficiency launched support measures.

The head of “Business Russia” Alexey Repik noted that the business is not an easy thing, not always the action of “two plus two” here produces the result “four”. Vladimir Putin immediately noticed that it is good if we are talking about sales.

The head of state demonstrated the information system “Business Russia”. It is a kind of social network for companies where you can find the right contacts, leave comments, and in addition, the possibility of feedback from the Executive Committee of the organization. As an example, Alexey Repik, not advertising affiliation, demonstrated the President page as its own company, but Vladimir Putin immediately recognized the logo.

— Judging by the fact that Alexey started his company, we will sell. Then two and two are certainly more than five, — the President joked.

The questions that interested entrepreneurs, focused mostly on foreign exchange control of the export, tax issues, public procurement and lending.

The President promised to extend benefits for the IT industry until 2023 and increase the procurement of medium-sized businesses with 10 to 15% in monetary terms and other issues to discuss with the government.

Alexey Repik said that with the active support and openness to the power of anti-Russian sanctions for non-hazardous business. On it Vladimir Putin has noticed that some sectors of the economy, especially the agrarian, even, on the contrary, are afraid of the sanctions regime.

The question of sanctions was the most discussed on the sidelines. So, the Chairman of business organizations “OPORA Rossii” Sergey Kalinin in conversation with “Izvestia” noted that Western entrepreneurs understand that sanctions lead to losses for their business, but politicians make the decisions.

Europe used with Russia’s trade turnover dropped significantly, and with the United States — no, but it was not significant. Even if new sanctions will be imposed (due to Russia’s position on Syria. — “News”), it can lead to new retaliatory measures — for example, in the field of household chemicals, — said Sergey Kalinin.

Ombudsman for entrepreneurs Boris Titov has declared “news” that sanctions have limited impact, in terms of investments large financial institutions do have less to invest in Russia, but smaller structure, in contrast, started to invest in the Russian market.