The presidential Commission on transparency of the elections unexpectedly dissolved

The presidential Commission on transparency of the elections unexpectedly dissolved


Президентская комиссия по прозрачности выборов неожиданно распущена

The administration trump felt it better not to get involved in “endless litigation at the taxpayer’s expense”

WASHINGTON – on Wednesday evening it became known that Donald trump has signed a decree on the dissolution of his Presidential Commission on transparency of the elections (Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity). As informs Agency associated Press, in a communiqué issued by the White house, as the cause of the dissolution of the Commission points out the fact that the authorities “many States refused to provide information about voting in the elections.”

It is also reported that a spokesman for the White house Sarah Sanders confirmed that the President trump signed a decree “not to get involved in endless litigation at the taxpayer’s expense”. She also added that trump has applied to the Ministry of internal security to “determine in this regard the following steps (his) administration.”

Criticism of the activities created in may last year, the Commission on transparency of the elections blamed her for the fact that the Commission is part of the campaign of the conservatives in the deprivation of the right to vote of minorities and the poor. According to opponents of trump, the Commission was created to support his statements about the fact that he was unable to win the support of the majority of voters in the presidential election of 2016 just because of fraud with the counting of votes.

News service CNN indicates that the Commission requested from the authorities of the States of extensive confidential information, including birth dates and social security numbers of voters on elections of the citizens. At the same time, most state governments have refused to execute the order, although, as stated in the communique of the White house, “substantial evidence of election fraud”.

Human rights organizations in several States still conduct litigation against the administration to trump, believing the actions of the presidential Commission illegal. The Agency NBC adds that the work of the Commission in any case it is not efficient: its last meeting was held on 12 September 2017.