The Prime Minister of Norway will discuss with the tramp problem in...

The Prime Minister of Norway will discuss with the tramp problem in the Arctic


Премьер-министр Норвегии обсудит с Трампом проблемы Арктики

Norway strengthens relationship with the United States against the background of climate change in the Arctic, which opens up new possibilities for the use of this region

WASHINGTON – Prime Minister of Norway, Erna Solberg this week to come to Washington to meet with President Donald trump to discuss security issues in the Arctic and Europe.

The White house announced that trump and Solberg will discuss common goals in the field of defence and security through NATO, the global coalition to protect from the extremists of the “Islamic state”, as well as issues of trade and investment.

The Ambassador of Norway in the United States the Bark Reidar OS in an interview with “Voice of America” called the United States “closest ally” of Norway.

“Our base and the main foreign policy priority is to maintain our security through NATO. For my country it is very important to continue to develop close cooperation with the United States in the field of security and defense”, – the diplomat said, adding that the idea of solidarity is of great importance for Norway.

The government of Norway has agreed to host in the country 300 us Marines, who will be trained and rotated through six months on a rotational basis. The first group of Marines arrived in January 2017, despite the open objections of Russia.

American soldiers will be “learning to walk on skis, fight and survive in the Arctic cold”, – the newspaper Marine Corps Times.

Although the US, like Norway, are Arctic country, the United States achieved this status only because of Alaska, while about half of Norway lies above the Arctic circle. Here there is a tenth part of the population.

This region is of growing commercial and political importance in connection with climate change that facilitate the navigation and exploration of natural resources.

In a major foreign policy speech in November, U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson said that the Arctic “is important today and will become even more important in the future, especially in connection with the opening of navigable waterways”.

Tillerson acknowledged that the United States “less than the other Arctic countries” pay attention to the growing importance of the region.

“The Russians have made it a strategic priority. Even the Chinese are building tankers icebreakers. Why do they build icebreakers? They are not an Arctic country. Because they see the value of these routes,” said Tillerson.

The recent decision by Norway to adopt more than 50 fighters F-35A cost about $ 100 million each testifies to her commitment to one’s own sovereignty, and the commitment of other NATO countries, including the United States.

“The new combat aircraft will be a key factor in deterring any attack against Norway, but will also ensure the fulfilment of our obligations to NATO,” – said the Minister of defence Frank Bakke-Jensen at the ceremony of the arrival of the first fighters.