The Prosecutor General’s office recorded a decline in the number of crimes

The Prosecutor General’s office recorded a decline in the number of crimes


But a number of regions spoiled the overall crime statistics in Russia

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According to the Prosecutor General in Russia significantly reduced the level of crime: in the first eight months of the year 2016 was made on 57 719 crimes less than in the same period last year (1 against last year’s 480 561 1 538 280, that is, minus a 3.75%). Most regions, including the capital, improved their performance. But some of the subjects dropped from the overall iris images. In addition, almost all of the country significantly worsened the situation with crimes committed in an alcohol intoxication. Experts attribute this to changes in legislation and the quality of the alcohol.

The reduction of crime in different regions is uneven. For example, in Moscow, the leader of the criminal statistics the number of crimes decreased by 4823 (from 126 to 121 526 703, minus 3.8%). Chelyabinsk oblast has improved the overall result for 4468 criminal incidents (from 47 to 43 855 387, minus 9,3%), Buryatia — 2314 (from 19 to 16 017 703, minus 12.2%). But there are regions that spoiled prosperous picture of the 85 regions indicators have deteriorated in 25. Dramatically increased the number of crimes in the Republic of Tuva — 2147 cases or 1.4 times more than a year ago. On the second place of the list of crime is the Nenets Autonomous Okrug (plus 26.5%), the third — Sakhalin oblast (plus 16.1 per cent). Fifth place in Chukotka (plus up to 15.4%), sixth — Dagestan (plus 12.1 percent). In the list of regions, exacerbating their crime statistics more than a thousand cases came Moscow oblast — it has grown 1032 crimes (plus 1.7 percent).

Experts note that statistics are only approximately reflect the real state of Affairs. The reasons are many.

— Statistics — it’s not a mirror. The crime is characterized by stability, and vibrations are noticeable only in the long term or in emergency circumstances and annual fluctuations of numbers — it is likely the error statistical account, — explains the head of the chair of fundamentals of law enforcement activities Ranhigs Alexander Romanov. — Statistics reflect not only the crime, but also law enforcement system: for example, better law enforcement, control over registration of committed crimes, their detection rate. In some cases, the fluctuation of crime data is associated with migration of the most active criminal population. The specialist also allows for the redistribution of cases by reporting periods, due to the fact that law enforcement activity is evaluated of crime.

— Statistics — this is the third layer of the reflection of the real facts, — the Vice-President of Russian criminological Association Igor Sundiev. — It reflects only what is recorded in the documents, and never completely correspond to reality. However, the expert agree that the situation with crime in the country improves.

— Russia is really changing the social situation, and mostly for the better. There is a real reduction in crime. This is due to the fact that the reforms in the law enforcement forces, improve the regulatory framework gave the result. The dynamics of crime in the types of offences according to the Prosecutor General, is generally quite safe. Of the positive pattern falls only count “Identified persons who have committed crimes in an alcohol intoxication” — this year, there were 42 thousand of such crimes more than a year ago. Almost all regions showed year of negative results. For example, the situation in Bashkortostan has worsened in 1.4 times, in Kamchatka, Dagestan and Rostov region drunken crimes was 1.7 times higher in Altai region 1.2. The most difference is felt in those regions where the total number of drunk crimes: in the Republic of North Ossetia — Alania was committed three times more crimes in an alcohol intoxication, in the Republic of Ingushetia — five times more. Only two regions have decreased the number of crimes committed in a condition of alcoholic intoxication: in the Krasnodar region — by 6.3%, and in Orel — 2.4%.

According to Alexander Romanov, the increase in the number of drunken offences is associated with the increase in the number of the relevant provisions of the Criminal code:

— I don’t think that there is more to drink. You may have to pay more attention to commit such crimes. The fact that the Criminal code has been added that intoxication is an aggravating circumstance — for example, in the part 1.1 of article 63 of the criminal code. And this is reflected in statistical surveys: employees begin to record such offences.

Igor Sundiev considers that all business in poor-quality alcohol:

— License alcohol is expensive, and willing to sell cheap booze has become much more. Naturally, these self-made drinks provoke people to aggressive behavior. The more surrogate alcoholic beverages will be available to people, the more crimes will be committed in a condition of alcoholic intoxication.

Also in Russia in General has increased the number of crimes of terrorist nature: in the first eight months of 2016 they were registered at 603 (58,54%) more than in the same period of 2015. The increase occurred mainly at the expense of the Republic of Dagestan — it was recorded in 241 cases more than a year ago, (706 vs 465). The detection of such crimes is even worse: a year ago, the number of identified perpetrators of crimes of a terrorist nature, was 2.7 times less than the number of crimes, and now 3.5 times less.

— Suicide can be identified, and if the explosion is produced remotely, to find the perpetrators much more difficult — says Sundav. — Hence the gap between the number of crimes and detection of criminals. The expert believes that the increase in the number of terrorist crimes associated with the virtual terrorism — reports of mining and similar crimes. Their number now clearly increased, because the Internet has become more popular.

According to Romanova, poor detection of terrorist offences connected with the dishonesty of local law enforcement.

Responsibility for the terrorist crimes are increasing, therefore, the requirements of the guide to the results of this work increase. Especially in Dagestan: we often hear that during the counter-terrorist operation was destroyed by such representatives of the armed groups, and often the things that are listed as registered, just written off these people as open. Public control over these facts, in fact, no. So these numbers are just a formal game statistics.

According to Romanov, in fact, increased preventative component of counter-terrorism work: the number of such offences is increasing, but many of them are stopped in the preparatory stage. In General, the situation is improving.