The Prosecutor’s office will hold the first day of admission of entrepreneurs...

The Prosecutor’s office will hold the first day of admission of entrepreneurs 4 APR


Businessmen will advise on personal receptions and social networks

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The prosecution, on 4 April, will hold the first all-Russian day of a reception of businessmen, have informed “news” the official representative of Department Alexander Kurennoy. Businesses will be able to turn to with their questions and complaints both in person and through social networks. The reception will be held in all structural subdivisions of the Agency, from GP to district Prosecutor’s offices.

A similar reception days will be held every first Tuesday of the month, said Alexander Kurennoy. He noted that the project was initiated by the head of Department Yuri Chaika.

The goal is to provide the ability to profile the reception and talk with experts about pressing issues, — said the speaker of the Prosecutor General.

Entrepreneurs and those who plan to do business, can go to the nearest structural unit of the prosecution as on the issues of infringement of their rights and legal information. To be public prosecutors specializing in the supervision of the execution of the Federal legislation and supervision over execution of legislation on combating corruption.

On the day of admission to the official accounts of the General Prosecutor’s office on social networks will appear themed posts, comments, users will be able to ask your questions or describe a problematic situation. Thus, it is planned to provide interactive communication with business and to make an appeal to the Prosecutor’s office as simple as possible.

The Prosecutor’s office “news” have reminded that in June 2016 the Department takes the complaints of entrepreneurs on a dedicated e-mail address. This had received over 700 complaints, most of which are associated with non-payment of business obligations under government contracts and municipal contracts. This problem was devoted to the meeting of the Prosecutor General on the issues of the rights of entrepreneurs, which on 24 March held in Yekaterinburg Yuri Chaika with the participation of governors from 41 regions of the Russian Federation.

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