The public Prosecutor will check up officials for negligence

The public Prosecutor will check up officials for negligence


Yuri Chaika told Vladimir Putin about measures to curb corruption among civil servants and business support


The President of Russia Vladimir Putin met with Prosecutor General of Russia Yuri Chaika, who told the President about measures of support of the business community. Thanks to the actions of the Prosecutor’s office has managed to drastically reduce the number of unjustified inspections of businesses to identify abuse by officials, to prevent corruption and to repay multi-billion debts of the state customers before business.

According to the public Prosecutor, in 2015 the number of inspections has decreased by more than half, from 1 million to 416 thousand At the same time, performing monitoring checks, the prosecutors have identified a new problem in public procurement customer often delays payment under the contract.

— The current debt of the state and municipal customers to the entrepreneurs remains, but I must say that during the year measures of prosecutorial response repaid the related debt by almost 26 billion rubles, — said Chaika. — Only in the Krasnodar region entrepreneurs paid 4.2 billion. A large debt existed in health care, in housing, in consumption. Today it is reduced. As a result of our intervention only in the Republic of Bashkortostan, Vladimir and Kursk regions, entrepreneurs in these areas paid 500 million rubles, cited data from the attorney General.

Also able to identify cases of abuse of power by officials and corruption schemes.

In the work by the prosecutors suppressed corruption and abuse of public contracts in the absence of sufficient limits of budgetary funds, the inclusion of customers in illegal conditions. We began to present a recourse action against the guilty officials, the officials, whose failure in timely payment of contractors resulted in payment of businessmen through court rulings penalties, fines and other penalties, — said the Seagull.

Only in the Krasnodar region Prosecutor General’s office filed seven such lawsuits against officials at 16 million rubles. Chaika promised that from now on “careless” officials would be “punished by the ruble.” In addition, it was initiated 15 criminal cases against officials for abuse of office and negligence, and for 17, materials are now held dosledstvennaja check.

Yuri Chaika noted that the timely actions of the Prosecutor’s office helped to save businesses and jobs. The attorney General has promised to report regularly to the President on the work to protect the interests of entrepreneurs.