The rating of 500 largest companies: the announcement of the latest issue...

The rating of 500 largest companies: the announcement of the latest issue of the magazine RBC


In the October issue of the magazine we traditionally publish a rating of the largest Russian companies. The basis of the Russian business — “old” characters with roots in the last Millennium. But the rating is already there and the company started recently

Photo: Andrew Lubimov for RBC

Russian companies can be divided into two groups — huge and all the rest. The transitions between these groups is rare, and mainly due to M&A or bankruptcies. A new ranking — the fourth in a row, and all these years, the first six positions were retained unchanged: no one can move this “magnificent six” in the head of “Gazprom”.

The first six companies consistently account for about 33% of the total revenue of the 500 largest companies. Further, the picture does not change significantly: the top ten account for about 40% of the proceeds RBC 500, the first hundred — 75%, and revenue No. 500 differs from the revenue of the company No. 1 is almost 370 times.

But the changes in RBC of 500 still are: according to the number of participants in the ranking in first place came the trade sector (53 companies), exchanging lead with the finances. In the sector has a new leader at the end of the year “Magnet” from the seventh line of the rating went down to ninth, and eighth positions went up X5 Retail Group).