The rating of Russia under version Fitch affirmed at BBB-

The rating of Russia under version Fitch affirmed at BBB-


The international rating Agency makes against Russia stable Outlook

Photo: NEWS/Alexander Kazakov

Russia’s investment rating by international rating Agency Fitch has remained at the same level — at the last stage of investment level BBB-. Thus an assessment against Russia put Fitch with a stable Outlook.

The lack of deterioration of the rating analysts of the Agency due to a strong external position and sovereign balance Russia and entrenched political position. The results of the rating given on the website of Fitch.

In Fitch’s view, Russia was able to give a coherent and credible response to the sharp fall in oil prices. A flexible exchange rate, control inflation, support the financial sector of the economy — all this gave Russia the opportunity to adapt to low oil prices, say experts of the Agency.

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