The road to the championship

The road to the championship


Nikolay Asaul — about how Russia is preparing for international sporting events

Photo: official website of the Ministry of transport/mintrans.EN

In recent years, our country is increasingly becoming a platform for major international sporting events. Nearest of them — the Confederations Cup in 2017, which will be held in four Russian cities — Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Kazan and Sochi. It’s safe to say that for this tournament the transport infrastructure of host cities is almost ready.

Active development of logistics the movement of spectators of the Cup to make the transport services more comfortable and safe. Worked through a number of conditions to ensure the easy movement of participants and spectators of the events. As we know, the impression of large-scale and spectacular competition made up of little things. All this is taken into account and carefully studied by experts in the field. For example, for the convenience of fans are offered a special free “routes of the competition.”

Russia was the first country-the organizer in the history of international football competitions, which has created such an extensive network of free “routes of the competition.” Any viewer who will have tickets for Cup matches and the passport of fan (Fan-ID) will be able to move between the host cities of the and within free. In the city party “lines competition” will connect the most popular places: transportation facilities, stadiums, fan zones. And between the cities will run an additional free trains of compartment cars, where viewers will be able to sleep and root for their teams. Apply for reservation free railway tickets will be from January 17, 2017 at the website

The next major event — the world championship on football which will pass in 2018. And transport infrastructure in host cities should be tightened. Just in the Federal program of Russia’s preparations for the FIFA world Cup 2018 includes 42 measures for the modernization of transport facilities. Today of them fully implemented seven events: five airports reconstructed and built two roads.

Due to preparations for the 2018 world Cup in the regions earned the new terminals at the airport of Volgograd, Samara, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg. Also upgraded Vnukovo and Pulkovo. Commissioned a road from Kaliningrad to the border with Poland. Completed work on the road to the airport in Saransk. Also in Saransk has already started the labor movement at interchange on crossing of streets red and Sevastopol, which will provide free travel within the city and will increase the capacity of other junctions. The readiness of this facility is 99%.

Following the renovation of the urban transport system of Kaliningrad, where it recently completed the first phase of work on the Sunny Boulevard. The construction was half a kilometer area, where he was updated the very fabric of streets, storm drainage, exterior lighting and landscaped the surrounding territory. The object is already in operation. It would seem, a trifle across the country, but it is part of an overall program to host the world Cup. It’s part of what will be to assess the quality of preparation for the championship. Well, the residents received a new, modern street.

Before the 2018 world Cup will be finished construction of the most iconic and significant transport infrastructure: a completely new, built literally in the open field, the airport of Rostov-on-don. This year the popular vote, which chose for him the name “Platov”. It must be emphasized that this airport complex — the first in the history of modern Russia, which is being built from scratch.

We see that the objects are, the bulk of them, according to the schedule, to be commissioned in 2017. Of course, such a large project can not be absolutely smooth. And where there are issues the leadership of the region you want to connect personally and take problems and issues under their control, and not to bring the discussion to the Federal level. To avoid any situations when the work slowed down due to someone’s inaction and at the last moment they become known in Moscow. Harmonious and precise work at the regional level — the key to timely completion of construction and commissioning of objects.

For each host city of the 2018 world Cup — “the Olympics”, the event is a major landmark, only instead of multiple sports. The international football Federation (FIFA) has entered into every city contract separately. And it is the task of regional authorities is to ensure the quality and timely execution of works. The authorities must ensure the implementation of sports projects (such as construction or modernization of stadiums) and transport (construction and modernization of airports, roads, subways, providing free intra-regional and intra-city travel for fans, etc.).

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