The robot foreman will correct the mistakes of the builders

The robot foreman will correct the mistakes of the builders


Even the most experienced superintendent is not always checked against the drawings in the construction process, but it is his subordinates. Therefore, the builders periodically make mistakes. To help people focus on other, more important tasks, startup Doxel have developed a robot with a lidar, which is able to explore the buildings with exposed operator interval. In case of any inconsistencies with the drawings, the robot will immediately report the discovery to the superintendent.

The creators of the robot have already raised $ 4.5 million investment, after all, the brainchild of a startup really works. In recent tests it was found that such robots superintendents accelerate the construction work of nearly 40 percent, the time informing the people on the platform..

In addition to error correction made by the masons, the robot can help not to disrupt the schedule of completion. AI, developed by a startup, is able to compare the work performed, the budget and deadlines then helps to set the optimum pace.

Robot Doxel able to travel on a pre-created route, climbing up on ladders and beams, so during lunch or at night a couple of kids easily by yourself climbed a building and make out a complete report based on the data.