The Rosselkhoznadzor suggested to destroy not only the “sanctions”

The Rosselkhoznadzor suggested to destroy not only the “sanctions”


In Department consider necessary to put under the bulldozer all counterfeit and substandard products

Photo: TASS/Sergei Medvedev

The Rosselkhoznadzor proposes to expand the list of products that can be disposed of by the authorities. In addition to the prohibited import “sanctions”, the office considers it necessary to send a bulldozer counterfeit, products with counterfeit documents, or who arrived in the country at all without them. Now the owners of such goods is entitled to a refund — accordingly, it is possible that these products reach the consumer. According to experts, in the year under the tracks of a bulldozer can be sent products amounting to 0.5 trillion rubles.

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That the Rosselkhoznadzor considers it necessary to destroy a larger list of products, according to a draft report on law enforcement compliance and enforcement activities of the Department at the end of last year, which acquainted “Izvestia”. The document States that the law requires amendments, “allowing it to destroy contraband, falsified or counterfeit agricultural products; the products are transported without phytosanitary accompanying documents; products that are accompanied by incomplete or inaccurate information (false information on the composition, origin, and (or) the characteristics and (or) its properties, and false (false) Declaration)”.

The office consider it necessary to consolidate the “exclusion of the right of owner to return of controlled goods”. According to current rules possible confiscation and destruction only prohibited to import into Russia of the sanctions. Accordingly, the further fate of the detected substandard products (or of unknown origin), the inspectors can not control.

In the draft report of the Rosselkhoznadzor pointed out that changes can be recorded in the form of amendments to the decision of the Customs Union Commission of 18 June 2010 № 318 “About ensuring quarantine of plants in the Eurasian economic Union”.

The press service of the Eurasian economic Commission, noted that last year in the document has already submitted four amendments, but they were technical in nature, reminded the organization.

— Currently, the ECE development of the new changes is not conducted, the competent authorities of the governments of the Union with such proposals are not addressed, — said the press service.

The Ministry of agriculture could not answer whether you discussed the Ministry proposal of the Rosselkhoznadzor. The press Secretary in charge of agriculture Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich alia Samigullina refused to comment, citing the fact that we are talking only about the draft report.

Now in Russia only allowed the destruction of banned products from EU countries, USA, Australia, Canada and Norway. This rate is established by the decree of the President of 2015, adopted “in order to implement the” decrees on the introduction of the food embargo. The presidential decree about Putin, the Rosselkhoznadzor proposes to add the clarification that such products “include goods imported to the territory of the Russian Federation through the territory of third countries, including member States of the Eurasian economic Union” on forged documents, without the documents or without markings.

From August 2015, the Rosselkhoznadzor has already destroyed nearly 11 tonnes of sanctions production of vegetable and animal origin.

On 27 March 2017 detained 10 of 451 tonnes of smuggled plant products, of which destroyed 10 305 t Arrested 464 MT of food products of animal origin destroyed in 401 t, — reported in a press-Department service.

Accurate data on the number of detected counterfeit products with fake documents or no no, because now such products are returned to the owner.

According to the head of consumers Union Peter Salima, in Russia not less than 3% of the goods for all product categories fall under the definition of adulteration or products with false documents. Accordingly, in the year under the bulldozer may be sent products amounting to 0.5 trillion rubles, considered the expert.

— It sounds crazy. Most of these products are not dangerous for life and health, and they can be harnessed for the development of the system of food charity, says Peter Shelishch.

As previously reported by “Izvestia”, the Rosselkhoznadzor considered it necessary to expand the powers of the office and complement them the right to check the enterprises of the countries of the Eurasian economic Union (EEU), as well as carry out disinfection at border crossing points across the border.

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