The RT will lose the air in Washington

The RT will lose the air in Washington


Телеканал RT лишится эфира в Вашингтоне

The owners of the company-repeater rule out the version about the political pressure

Russian state TV channel RT on the night of Monday, April 1, will disappear from the air most of the television providers in Washington. At the same time reduce broadcasting in the American capital of the German TV channel Deutsche Welle, France 24 French, Turkish TRT and some other foreign broadcasts.

The reason for this was the entry into force of the decision on the sale of broadcast frequencies, previously owned by a small company Commonwealth Public Broadcasting Corp. was in Richmond, Virginia. Operational management of these frequencies was carried out by a subsidiary of CPBC – MHZ Networks.

In March last year she sold at auction organized by the Federal Commission on communications, belonging to frequencies formerly occupied telecare WNVT and WNVC, to ensure the broadcast of some foreign television producers in Washington and in the suburbs of the us capital.

Following the transaction, Commonwealth Public Broadcasting Corp. received 182 million dollars. In an official statement released after the close of the auction, the company has informed that the CPBC had never planned “to broadcast… for a long time” and “monetization of assets” will allow businesses to “return to the essential mission” of the media, having “a learning, fun and inspiration” to her audience.

The owners of the company also said that “Northern Virginia” served by other public broadcasting stations, including many stations included in the composition of the Public broadcasting company PBS.

After the entry into force of the terms of the transaction the Russian TV channel RT, like other foreign television, will disappear from the cable packages in Washington and the suburbs of the us capital. Under Federal law, companies providing services of cable broadcasting are obliged to rebroadcast all the channels emerging at different frequencies in the region, but cannot provide services of a broadcast signal.

In Moscow the termination of the channels WNVT and WNVC has called politically motivated.

“Provider company, which broadcast our live in Washington, kicked us out of the broadcasting network, – wrote in “Twitter” the head of RT, Margarita Simonyan. – Because of our status ‘noagent’, Yes. How would say the former speaker of the state Department, “welcome to exercise in transparency and democracy.”

However, after an hour, Ms. Simonyan said in the social network that actually banning the broadcast of the question and RT will continue its work in Washington.

Informed that no obstacles to the work RT does not exist, said on the official website of the TV channel.

Last year after several of the requirements of the U.S. Department of justice U.S. broadcaster T & R Productions LLC, provides services for shooting and airing of television programs RT in the USA, have registered as “foreign agents”, saying that reports directly to Russian nongovernmental organization ANO “TV-news”. RT itself was never registered and was not included in the list of “foreign agents”, published by the U.S. Department of justice.

In an interview with Bloomberg, the founder and President of MHZ Networks Frederic Thomas said that he had applied to the Ministry of justice, asking to explain whether the company providing broadcast services to TV channel RT, also to register as a foreign agent.

“We may be in, I don’t think for this reason already made a decision,” he said, adding that the position of the U.S. justice Department has almost no effect on the ability of RT and other foreign companies to carry on broadcasting in Washington.

“It’s much more connected with the auction of frequencies,” he said.

The representative of the Corporation Comcast Aimee Metrics offering in the us capital, Internet and cable television, assured Bloomberg that viewers in Washington will continue to be available “a broad range” of programs produced by foreign broadcasters.

“The decision to stop broadcasting of foreign TV channels that were available on the channels WNVT and WNVC, was taken by the owners of these stations,” explained Metrics.