“The Russian investigation,” a year ago it was headed by spectracolor Mueller

“The Russian investigation,” a year ago it was headed by spectracolor Mueller


«Российское расследование»: год назад его возглавил спецпрокурор Мюллер

President trump spoke out on Twitter about the anniversary

A year ago, former FBI Director Robert Mueller was appointed special Prosecutor and led a DOJ investigation of alleged collusion between Russia and the election headquarters of the President of Donald trump.

The past 12 months was marked by a series of criminal accusations and confessions, tense court proceedings, tweets of the President and the rumors that have actually been known to Mueller, and in which direction the investigation goes on.

Trump has marked the anniversary of the appointment of Mueller’s new tweet: “Congratulations, America: I went to the second year of the greatest witch hunt in American history, and there is no conspiracy or of obstructing justice is still not detected. The only conspiracy was the Democrats who failed to win the election, even though they spent a lot more money!”

At the moment the key question of whether there was collusion between the election headquarters trump and Russia are not permitted, however, filed in connection with the investigation of criminal cases revealed that Moscow really wanted to help Trump win the election and that some confidants of the President were sometimes questionable foreign contacts before, after and during the election campaign. We also found out that some of the assistants to the President were aware of Russian efforts, and at least one of them believed that Russia could provide incriminating evidence to the opponent of trump’s Hillary Clinton.