The Russian market disappear cheap domestic medicines

The Russian market disappear cheap domestic medicines


The head of the Main Department for supervision over execution of the Federal law of the Prosecutor General Anatoly Palamarchuk told “Izvestia” that high-priced branded medicines displace Russian

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The Prosecutor General’s office conducted a series of inspections in the field of drug supply and found that the market disappear cheap domestic medicines. In particular, the lack of preparations from the list vital and necessary to their production became unprofitable. On the analysis of situation and conclusions told in interview “news” the head of the Main Department for supervision over execution of Federal legislation of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Anatoly Palamarchuk.

Anatoly Vladimirovich, what was shown the Prosecutor’s inspection in the field of drug supply?

A serious concern is the reduction on the Russian market segment of cheap domestic drugs. Analysis of the law in this area has shown that the main reasons for growth of prices for medicines are higher marginal selling prices of their producers, the displacement of cheap domestic drugs more expensive import, used in the manufacture of mainly foreign pharmaceutical substances. However, violations of the law in this area are more complex and are allowed by virtually all participants in the process.

In 2015 and first half 2016, the prosecutors identified more than 28 thousand violations of legislation in the sphere of providing the population with medicines. In a result, more than 500 officials received warnings about inadmissibility of violation of the law, involved in a disciplinary responsibility more than 4.7 thousand people, more than 3 thousand — to administrative. We are firmly on the ground do not tolerate such things.

How can you describe the activities of the regional authorities in this sphere?

The results of our analysis indicate improper performance of the duties of many officials of bodies of state power of subjects of the Russian Federation. Prosecutors revealed evidence of noncompliance with the provisions of Federal laws, normative legal acts of a number of regions.

So, with the approval of programs of state guarantees of free rendering to citizens of medical care is not always taken into account the necessary amounts of such assistance. In some cases, not provided sufficient funding, identified inadequate provision of medicines of patients suffering from life-threatening rare (orphan) diseases.

How do you assess the situation with observance of the rules by officials of the state and municipal procurement of medicines?

In many constituent entities of the Russian Federation prosecutors revealed violations of the legislation in this area by local Executive authorities and medical institutions. These are the facts of the procurement on a sole-source basis, the wrong choice of method of order placement, failure to comply with tendering procedures, unjustified admission to participation in them, the fragmentation of orders. Also recorded facts of violation of the procedure for the formation of the initial contract price and terms of placing of the information on concluded contracts on the official procurement website.

In some regions, there are facts when the citizens living in remote areas were not provided with the necessary and required medicine. Such cases were recorded in the Irkutsk region and the Republic of Buryatia.

And reveal whether prosecutors unlawful denials of physicians in the statement, beneficiaries of expensive medications?

— Yes, and such cases are numerous. Groundless refusals of medical organizations in discharged patients, including preferential categories of citizens, essential medicines, most of which are costly, have taken place in the republics of Bashkortostan, Tatarstan, Udmurtia, Voronezh, Kirov, Kursk, Orel regions and other regions. For example, the Tuapse Interdistrict public Prosecutor of Krasnodar region was suppressed the facts of untimely appointment of pain medication with cancer patients and refusals in the issuance of preferential recipes. Doctors often prescribed instead of paid prescriptions for the drugs.

How is it possible to fight?

— In identifying prosecutors of such cases at our request, guilty parties are subjected to all the statutory responsibilities.

What violations of the law tend to allow for pharmacists?

Pharmaceutical organizations may not always provide the minimum range of drugs, they often overstate the limiting sizes of wholesale and retail extra charges to actual cost prices of manufacturers of medicines from the list of vital and essential medicines. Such cases were recorded in many regions of Russia. In some regions, sold drugs, and medical devices that have not passed state registration in Russia, were also revealed the facts of illegal realization of drugs through Internet sites.

In your opinion, what are the problems in the field of drug supply must be solved with the assistance of the Federal center?

In March of this year the Prosecutor General’s office has sent the government proposals for measures aimed at encouraging the production of medicines and pharmaceutical substances in sufficient quantities. It was also proposed to provide timely state registration of new drugs and substances. Following consideration of these proposals the Agency has studied the issue of subsidies to manufacturers of cheap domestic drugs included in the list of vital and essential. Also recognized the need to establish state regulation of maximum ex-works prices.