The Russians are optimistic about the future

The Russians are optimistic about the future


According to the “Levada-center”, the citizens are satisfied with their current situation and believe in his improvement

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The majority of Russians have become more optimistic look into the future, the survey of “Levada-center” (available to “Izvestia”). In addition, sociologists interviewed citizens said that in 2017, assess your status is higher than in all previous years of research. According to sociologists, the satisfaction of Russians with their own position and positive expectations for the future associated with “postkrymsky consolidation” and political stability.

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Sociologists have offered the Russians to assess their situation today, and to remember what it was five years ago, and imagine what another five years. The grades were given on a scale from 1 to 10 points — the lower the mean value, the higher the Respondent sees your status.

The questions aimed at identifying samoopredelenie about their situation. They are General indicators of satisfaction and optimism, not differentiated into separate spheres, — said the sociologist “Levada-center” Karina Pipia. — They cannot be linked only with the economic situation, as they determine with the other component. Such, for example, satisfaction with what is happening in the country as a whole, the actions of the authorities and civil orientation.

According to the survey, in 2017 the Russians assess the current state of Affairs by 6.18 points. This is the highest indicator over the years of conducting similar research. For example, in 2015 this figure stood at around 6.34 points, in 2007 it amounted to 6.48 points in 1995 to 7 points.

Five years later, in 2022, the citizens see their status higher than the present — 5.81 points. It is worth noting that since 1995, this rating did not fall below 6 points. Karina Pipia explained that in times of crisis there is a growing perception of their own situation as low, reduced expectations about the future.


— A periods marks an important socio-political milestones — the coming to power of Vladimir Putin, the annexation of Crimea, increase citizens ‘ satisfaction with their own position and improve expectations for the future. Now these figures are the most optimistic in the dynamics — assessment of their own situation growing since 2013, which may be considered as the result of “postkrymsky consolidation”, and how to adapt to the situation, despite the problems, — said the sociologist.

Psychologist Paul Volgenau notes that people encourages confidence in a strong leader, who runs the country.

— The history of sanctions and counter-sanctions could also have an impact on the emotional background. Nothing wrong from these prohibitions did not happen. On the contrary, some domestic manufacturers received a boost to development. Also positively affected by the construction of the cosmodrome East, the action “Immortal regiment”, the Olympics in Sochi, the protection of the civilian population in the Crimea and preparing for the world championship on football of 2018, — said Pavel Volgenau.

The head of “Political expert group” Konstantin Kalachev said that Russians had always preferred to live in the past and the future, ignoring the present. Today they begin to form a vision of the future in which slowly and gradually but definitely will improve, the expert believes.

— People used to a quiet life, difficulties with change in foreign policy were not so terrible and increasingly common. Foreign policy achievements inspire Russians. And let the financial situation of the population has not improved, but increased self-esteem. Growth — trend of the present time. Request is generated respect and confidence that depends on the person more than before, —says the analyst.

The President of Fund “Petersburg politics” Mikhail Vinogradov said that the future almost never is the object of national reflection, in society there is a “filter” to her reflection.

— There are reflections on changes in the field of medicine or technology, where most fantasies are drawn from Hollywood movies. In the rest of society avoids discussion of this topic. A complementary evaluation of the past is designed to increase appreciation of the present and possible future, — said the analyst.

The authors of the survey also indicated that respondents older than 55 years, Russians with low consumer status, pensioners and residents of the village appreciate his position worse than the young, but also citizens with a high level of consumption, professionals, executives, Muscovites and residents of large Russian cities.

The survey was conducted from 20 to 23 January 2017 in the format of an interview. Pollsters interviewed 1,6 thousand people from 48 regions.


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