The Russians began to frequently travel abroad

The Russians began to frequently travel abroad


In the velvet season-2016 tourists for the first time in recent years started to get on vacation abroad, giving preference to other countries

Photo: TASS/Dmitry Serebryakov

In the tourism industry planned a new trend: after two years of stable demand for domestic tourism this fall, the proportion of tickets abroad. It is expected that this trend will be gradually strengthened.

— In August–September this year, the situation began to stabilize for the first time in a long time, the share offer “” tickets abroad began to grow, — has told “news” in a press-service of tourist service “”.

However, over the last two years, according to analysts, the shifting of demand towards domestic flights, the share issued on a “” tickets abroad fell by about 5%.

Stimulates demand, including pricing policies of the airlines and keeping the tariff in rubles.

As a result, this fall has significantly reduced average ticket prices in many areas — as in neighboring countries and Europe, analysts say “”. Overall, however, the average price of tickets on international flights this fall compared to the same period last year have changed slightly, they said.

The most popular routes are those which recorded significant decline in prices. In particular, demand for Moldova (prices are reduced by 22%), Kazakhstan (10% cheaper), Uzbekistan (3%) and Armenia, the availability of which increased by 39%.

The demand for these areas formed the total number of trips to these countries with your personal and business goals. According to experts “”, the popularity of Moldova and Uzbekistan, supported primarily labour migration, and special interest tourists in this year is causing Armenia.

Among the popular international destinations were Belarus and Israel, the cost of tickets on which reduced by 4%, Italy (less 5%) and Georgia (8%). Continues to be in demand and Montenegro, they say “”.

According to the analytical Agency “Turstin” this fall in demand for foreign holidays increased by 10% compared to September–November last year. According to the Agency, the Russians prefer to travel in Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Spain and Italy, Czech Republic and Bulgaria, as well as in Thailand, Montenegro and Croatia.

However, the increase in demand for overseas destinations is not yet a widespread phenomenon.

According to our data, in 2013-2014, international travel accounted for 70% of demand on the domestic — 30%, and a year later was exactly the opposite situation that persists to this day — said the development Director of the service ticket OneTwoTrip Arkady Gines.

However, in the last year and a half in the countries of the former Soviet Union, the travelers began to travel much more readily, he said. We are talking in particular about Georgia, Armenia and inexpensive compared to France and Italy, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Bulgaria. In addition, according to him, the high demand in Prague and in a short time, together with the completion of the rainy season, begin to grow and the demand for traditional Asian destinations. This fall the most popular Manila (Philippines), Bali (Indonesia) and Phuket (Thailand).

But the dominant trend, according to analysts OneTwoTrip, for the second consecutive year continues to be a savings in travel budgets and an increased interest in domestic tourism.

— This fall and winter the direction of Russia will overtake the demand overseas, but we assume that if the dollar and the Euro will remain at current levels, as the political situation continues to stabilize, in the spring of the share of foreign destinations will grow, — says Arkady Gines.

The prevalence of domestic destinations over international typical online travel Agency Biletix. According to CEO Alexander Sizintsev, the demand for international destinations even 0.8% lower than in the fall of 2015. And share internal and external trends in the current velvet season accounted for 59 and 41% respectively (against last year’s 56% and 44%).

— In regions the situation is even more drastic: in almost all cities the share of external areas do not exceed 10-15%, — said Alexander Sizintsev.

He also noted that a characteristic phenomenon acts, and the reorientation of tourist flows toward closer and more affordable destinations.

— If in the fall of 2015 leaders in popularity among international destinations were Barcelona, tel Aviv, Rome, Tivat and Paris in 2016 — Tivat, Tbilisi, Chisinau, Larnaca and Podgorica, noted Sizintsev.

According to Biletix, the most accessible international destinations peak season 2016 are Chisinau (the price of tickets from 8934 rubles in both directions), Vilnius (from 9379 rubles), Tallinn (12 468 rubles), Prague (13 744 rubles), Baku (14 717 rubles) and Larnaca (16 484 rubles).