The Russians have achieved compatibility with Skype “against the wishes of Microsoft”

The Russians have achieved compatibility with Skype “against the wishes of Microsoft”


VideoMost has achieved compatibility with Skype for Business

Russian company-developer of Spirit ensured the compatibility of your service for VideoMost video conferencing with Skype for Business. About this CNews said CEO Andrew Sviridenko.

Users of Skype and Lync had the opportunity to make video calls in the conference VideoMost. In turn, users VideoMost now you can add in a video conference clients, Skype and Lync. The company reports that this compatibility was achieved “for the first time in Russia.”

On this compatibility does not extend users can exchange text messages and files and can’t show each other your Desk. However, Spirit says that in the future plans to expand the interoperability VideoMost and Skype for Business, and adding this functionality. To the requirements of customers, it is not yet included, but the corresponding API from Microsoft is. Spirit notes that “Microsoft Skype uses a proprietary, closed and non-standard communication protocols, which is a significant obstacle to the compatibility of video conferencing software of other vendors with Skype”.

“VideoMost made a gateway that allows you to connect Skype clients in our VCS, and it is a very complex and expensive in production software, which, however, does not violate” – said the Chairman of the company Spirit Andrew Sviridenko. Interoperability with enough common businesses Skype is seen in the Spirit as a significant business advantage VideoMost.

Videomost said about reaching their product interoperability with Skype