The Russians were satisfied with call centers and more residents of other...

The Russians were satisfied with call centers and more residents of other countries


Photo: Vitaly Belousov/RIA Novosti

In most cases, the Russians are satisfied with the performance of its call centres more than residents of other countries, according to a global study of Teleperformance. The exception is communication with clients in areas of insurance and housing

The Russians have more people from other countries satisfied with the quality of telephone communication with banks, airlines, mobile operators and suppliers of household appliances. And services contact centers pay TV operators in Russia and was recognized as the best in the world, according to the study, the largest international contact center Teleperformance.

The study was conducted in 11 countries on the basis of 130 thousand interviews and covered Europe, Asia, South America, USA and Russia. Russia participated for the first time. Consumers were asked to evaluate the quality of service for telephone calls to companies from 15 different industries, ranging from 1 to 10 points. It was found that in 10 of the 15 industries, the satisfaction with services of contact-centers in Russia, more or the same as the world average.

For example, communication with airlines and banks the Russians was estimated at 8.3 points (the world average, the figures were 8.2 and 8.1 points, respectively). Even more the gap in the case of mobile operators, and pay TV. So, the Russians assess the performance of their contact centers 8.1 and 7.9 points, respectively, while overall in the world at 7.7 and 7.6 points.

The global level correspond to services contact centres travel agencies, insurance companies health, services, online education, and video games. But communication with insurers and utilities the group is satisfied with much less than people in other countries. The Russians appreciated the customer service companies from these industries at 7.4 and 6.8 points 8.1 and 7.3 in the whole world.

Respondents RBC experts do not see anything strange in a significant range of estimates from the Russians. In some industries, such as Finance and telecommunications, there is a clear technological parameters of services, so the issues and problems clients are easier to solve because of the standardization, explains Daria Lutzow, the representative of the company “interregional transit Telecom” which owns the call-center Audiotele. “Insurance issues and housing is more subtle, the customer’s problem may require further escalation. Simply put, the more “circles” you want to go to the client, the more negative he perceives the service,” says Litzau.

CEO of training center #ProShift Viktor Mikhailov notes that Russia remains a strong contrast between the level of private and public service. “This fact is confirmed by the study itself: the level of housing services that are either public, or somehow closely associated with them, evaluated by the population as sufficiently low. At the same time, private sector services are represented to our people as rendered on a more than decent level”, — thinks the expert.

However, the interlocutors of RBC doubt that the service contact centers in Russia really is at such a high level, how the study of Teleperformance. Rather, it reflects the simplicity of our citizens. The survey does not take into account differences in the requirements of the audience to the quality of service in different countries, says managing partner Kirikov Group Daniil Kirikov. “The same level of service consumers will certainly appreciate in different ways. For example, in Japan for the quality of services must meet even higher standards than in the United States, and residents of post-Soviet space or South America can be assessed as acceptable service, which in Europe could be the reason for the lawsuit,” says Chirico.

He also adds that a high level of client satisfaction with services may be explained by the impossibility to compare the quality of work of representatives of sphere of services in Russia and abroad.