The Senate holds hearings on the President’s powers in the nuclear field

The Senate holds hearings on the President’s powers in the nuclear field


Сенат проводит слушания о полномочиях президента в ядерной сфере

Hearings shall be held against the backdrop of escalating tensions with North Korea

The Senate foreign relations Committee on Tuesday conducted a hearing on the President’s power to authorize a nuclear strike against another country.

US President, Donald trump continues to trade insults with North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN, in which the development of the North Korean nuclear and missile programs have achieved rates that exceeded the expectations of experts.

For the first time in more than 40 years, the Congress will consider the President’s power to start a nuclear war. The existing procedures provide that the President must first consult with military and civilian leadership of the country, but the final decision remains behind it.

To preside at the hearings will be Senator Bob Corker – perhaps the most vocal critic of the trump among Republicans. According to him, many lawmakers are questioning existing procedures in respect of the US nuclear Arsenal.

“This discussion had to spend a long time,” said Corker, announcing the hearing.

Two congressional Democrats, house of representatives member Ted Lieu and Senator ed Markey have introduced bills prohibiting the President to give a decree on the application of pre-emptive nuclear strike without a Declaration of war by Congress. However, progress in the Republican controlled Congress, these bills are not received.

In an interview with the New York Times, Corker said that the aggressive rhetoric of the President against North Korea could trigger further escalation and lead to a third world war, therefore, some experts on nuclear weapons, welcomed the holding of hearings.

Alex Wellerstein of of Stevens Institute of Technology, who conducted extensive research on the issue of nuclear powers of the President, hoped that the hearing “may shed light on some aspects of the use of nuclear weapons by the President”, which, in his opinion, deserve the attention of the public.