The senators decided to ban hypermarkets work on Sundays and night

The senators decided to ban hypermarkets work on Sundays and night


Photo: Svetlana Holowchuk / inter / TASS

Time limit of operation of large stores, according to developers of the bill must support small and medium businesses

In the Federation Council completed preparation of a bill to amend the law “On trade” regulations prohibiting large shops to work at night, reports TASS. Simultaneously, it is proposed to limit the operation time of the hypermarkets at weekends.

“Saturday — till 4 PM, Sunday — does not work at all, and on weekdays until 9 PM, no 24-hour hypermarkets”, — said the first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on agrarian and food policy and nature management Sergey Lisovsky (quoted by TASS).

According to him, restrictions on the operation of hypermarkets should help small stores where customers in a small area served by one or two offices.

“Definitely it should not be a branch office, trading partner network,” — said Lisowski, according to which the meaning of the bill is to increase the competitiveness of small forms of trading in comparison with the major networks (quoted by “RIA Novosti”).

Lisowski noted that the draft amendments to the law “On trade” is to be submitted to the state Duma during the autumn session of the Parliament on behalf of the “working group [the Vice-speaker of the state Duma Irina] of Spring” and the Senate Committee on agrarian and food policy.

The Senator also noted that the draft law supports and of the departments, and currently the developers are in talks with others.

“We are trying to negotiate with the Ministry of industry, Ministry of agriculture and FAS that it was an agreed position,” — said Lisowski, adding that the trade network will also involve in the discussion.

In July 2009 the same Lisowski advocated for the inclusion of the amendments, allowing to impose a ban on large stores at night, to the law “About bases of state regulation of trade activities in the Russian Federation”. However, the proposals then were criticized by experts and representatives of retail, and eventually limiting the time of operation of hypermarkets norms in the law are not included.

Published at the end of 2016, EY research of consumer preferences of inhabitants of Moscow and Moscow region showedthat the number of customers in the stores of large formats have declined. According to experts, consumer demand is shifting in favor of commodities, and can be met and “shop at home”.