The service Lyft will launch taxi with the autopilot in San Francisco

The service Lyft will launch taxi with the autopilot in San Francisco


While Uber plans to launch an unmanned taxi in 2020, other companies are also not sitting idle. The service Lyft, one of Uber’s biggest competitors, has announced that it will soon acquire its own unmanned vehicles. For this the company signed an agreement with startup, specializing in the development of software for the autopilot.

The first car with the autopilot will begin to deliver passengers from San Francisco, but to rely on mass transfer Lyft to Autonomous vehicles is not worth it — yet they will be just a few pieces. To order unmanned taxi can be through the app, but here too there are nuances: in case something goes wrong, the cabin will still be sitting by the driver, so that fans can chat with taxi drivers don’t upset ahead of time.

In addition, representatives of the company and do not plan to completely switch to Autonomous vehicles in the future, because the taxi service is not just a trip from point a to point B, there is an important human factor. The driver can do a lot of things that are inaccessible to the AI or autopilot.

However, Lyft has partnered with the developers of autopilots and maps for Autonomous driving. In July this year, the company started collaboration with startup Lvl5. Lyft drivers will take the road to the DVRs, and the developers Lvl5 will use the captured video drivers to create their own three-dimensional cards.