The situation in the United States: assessing the President

The situation in the United States: assessing the President


Положение дел в США: оценка президента

What the President said Donald trump in a Message to Congress

The focus of the speech was devoted to the results of the work of the US Administration in the first year of the presidency of Donald trump and economic success.

About Americans

In his speech, trump has paid significant attention to ordinary Americans, who made America better and stronger: “Over the past year, the world discovered what we always knew: no people on Earth, more fearless, brave and determined as the Americans. If there are mountains we conquer them. If there’s a point – we cross it. If there’s a call – we respond to it. If possible we use it.”

About the economy

Trump said that from the moment he became President of the “new wave of optimism” has engulfed the United States. The results trump praised as follows: “incredible progress” and “extraordinary results”.

Among them he attributed the creation of 2.4 million jobs, including 200 thousand jobs in the industry. The number of new applications for unemployment benefits fell to a 45-year low. The stock market is breaking records.

On tax reform

Trump said that tax reform was a huge help to the middle class and small business. He proudly noted that the repealed provision of the law requiring Americans to buy health insurance or pay a fine. The tax rate for business is cut from 35% to 21%, “whereby American companies can compete and win against anyone in the world”. This will allow “to increase the income of the average family by more than 4 thousand dollars.” Trump was reminded of that many companies announced the payment of bonuses to its employees and plans large-scale investments.

On the Federal government

Trump spent a lot of time reasoning about the unity of America: “together we are one team, one people and one American family. We have one house, one heart, one destiny and one of the great American flag”.

After that, the President stressed that “Americans love their country. And they deserve a government that treats them with the same love and faithfulness. (…) Over the past year we have restored trust between citizens and their government.” Trump has talked about their success in public administration reform and plans in this area.

On foreign trade

Trump said that America has ceased to enter into disadvantageous transactions in the international arena and expects that it will be treated honestly.

About upgrading infrastructure

The call for modernization of engineering infrastructure of the United States, trump began with figurative comparison: “We built the skyscraper “Empire state building” in just one year, no shame that now it takes you ten years to get permission for the construction of ordinary roads?”.

After that, the President called on Congress to forget party differences and to give at least 1.5 trillion dollars on infrastructure projects. He also promised to eliminate the bureaucratic barriers to that.

On immigration

Trump said that immigration policy must serve the interests of American workers and American families. He condemned the “open borders”, which lead to the destruction of jobs and allow you to get into the USA to criminals and drugs. The President has devoted much time to the story of the Salvadoran criminal group MS-13 members who commit terrible crimes in the United States, and urged to put an end to it. Trump also stressed the need for the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico, ending the visa lottery “green card” and “chain immigration”.

On foreign and defense policy

This part of the speech Donald trump began with the phrase: “We’re up against hostile regimes, terrorist groups and such rivals as China and Russia who challenge our interests, our economy and our values»

Trump recalled the intention to increase the military budget, including “upgrade and rebuild our nuclear Arsenal.”

He urged Congress to close the “gaping holes” in the nuclear agreement with Iran and recalled that his administration has imposed tough sanctions against Venezuela and Cuba.

Trump recalled that the nuclear missiles of North Korea threaten the United States and that the United States will exert pressure on Pyongyang as “concessions only encourage aggression and provocation”.

On the suppression of terrorism

Trump has promised to inflict a final defeat ISIS. He announced the intention to keep the prison at Guantanamo Bay, where international terrorists.

About the future

“As long as we are confident in our values, believe in our citizens and we trust our Lord, we will not lose. (…) Our people will always be safe, powerful, proud and free. God bless America!”.