The son of Seagulls will bring the share of the largest manufacturer...

The son of Seagulls will bring the share of the largest manufacturer of sleepers up to 75%


Photo: Viktor Klyushkin / TASS

RZD approved the purchase of 25% of the largest producer of railway sleepers in Russia structure of Igor Chaika — Prosecutor General’s son. Thus, Igor Chaika will own 75% of the company. Previously the deal was agreed to the transport Ministry, the Federal property management Agency and FAS

The Board of Directors of Russian Railways decided to sell 25% of shares of “Beteltrans” (BETH) of “MT industry” for 1.5 billion rubles, reports the newspaper “Vedomosti”. “T-industry” associated with the son of Prosecutor General Yury Chaika, Igor, already owns 50% minus 2 shares “Beteltrans”. It is the largest producer of concrete sleepers in Russia.

The increase in package “T-industry” in “Beteltrans” the Ministry of economic development agreed with the Ministry of transport and the Federal property management Agency in August. FAS has also approved the sale of the company, the newspaper said. In the autumn the government approved the sale “at a price not below the market” and “below face value”.

Vedomosti also cite conditions stockholding agreements to be concluded between RZD and “MT industry”. Thus, each shareholder “Beteltrans” will have the right to preemptive redemption of the partner package. And “M-industry” will be obliged to buy the remaining Railways have a stake in the company, if the monopoly will be such a desire. The point about the redemption of the rest of the company will be valid for one year after the expiry of the contract (2017) BETH on the supply of products. A contract to 269 billion rubles was signed for Russian Railways in 2012-2013. The redemption price of the remaining 25% of shares of “Beteltrans” — not less than 1.5 billion rubles.

In addition, “M-industry” must maintain the capacity of the plant until 2020 at the level of 10.5 million sleepers a year. The share transfer will take place only after “Beteltrans” forgive Railways fines and penalties in 2015.

70% of “M-industry” belong to Dutch Spoor Structuur Investering B. V., the beneficiary of which is not known, and 30% — “Aqua solid”, where Igor Chaika 99%.

The youngest son of Igor Chaika Prosecutor General from February 2014 until July of 2015 Advisor to the Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov on a voluntary basis on sport, culture, tourism and youth Affairs. He then, in his words, decided to “work the business”. He owns an agricultural company, which specializiruetsya the wholesale grain and seeds, as well as the company building the complex on the cultivation of mushrooms in the suburbs. In August 2015, RBC learned that the company is controlled by a Seagull, won two 15-year contract for garbage collection in the regions of Moscow for which the structure of the Prosecutor General’s son will get 42,6 billion rubles.

In addition, Seagull has created the company “Russian export”, which has been supplying products to China. “Now we have 12 contracts with the offline retailers in China is four and a half thousands of stores, Central, North, East China,” he said in an interview with RBC.

In late January, Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika said that his sons “all seek their own labor”.

“I’m not attached to them, both created their own business. From scratch! The Junior and senior”, — said Chaika.

The son of Igor Chaika Prosecutor General of the family and the business Video: RBC