The state Department has confirmed reports of the deaths of Americans in...

The state Department has confirmed reports of the deaths of Americans in Kabul


Госдепартамент подтвердил сообщения о гибели американцев в Кабуле

In an attack on a hotel in the Afghan capital killed at least 22 people

The U.S. state Department confirmed the deaths of several Americans in the attack of the Taliban on a luxury hotel in the Afghan capital, Kabul.

An anonymous state Department source did not specify how many Americans were killed and injured in the attack, but expressed “deepest condolences to the families of the victims and wishes a speedy recovery to the wounded”.

Forces of the Afghan government on Sunday stopped the siege of the Intercontinental hotel in Kabul. The attack killed at least 22 people, including 14 foreign nationals.

The siege lasted nearly 14 hours, during which six of the attackers either blew themselves up or were shot dead by Afghan security forces.

UN Secretary-General Antonio of Gutteres condemned the attack and expressed condolences to the families of the victims.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Afghanistan confirmed that among the dead was the newly appointed Afghan Consul in the Pakistani city of Karachi. It is also reported that was able to save 161 of the guest, including 41 foreign citizen.

International forces have provided the Afghan partners in connection with the attack.

The group representing the Afghan Taliban said that the attack killed and injured “dozens of the foreign invaders”, including military forces, American special forces and intelligence officers. The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack, stating that its purpose was the meeting of representatives of Afghan and American security forces. The Taliban often inflate the death toll in attacks.

The siege began when the hotel kitchen stormed by armed men in army uniform and with a belt of the suicide bomber. And then they came to the meeting rooms and on other floors of the building, simultaneously shooting guests.

As reported in the statement of the Ministry of internal Affairs, with the organization of the attack is associated with the Taliban group Haqqani.