The state Department urged U.S. citizens to avoid the area of the...

The state Department urged U.S. citizens to avoid the area of the explosion in St. Petersburg


Госдепартамент призвал граждан США избегать района взрыва в Санкт-Петербурге

Americans urged to follow closely the environment in the city

The US state Department called in St. Petersburg to Americans to be vigilant and avoid the area where the explosion at the supermarket on Wednesday injured 13 people.

“Media reports about the explosion in a shopping Mall in St. Petersburg, – said in a tweet the state Department. – U.S. citizens should avoid the area and monitor local media for more information.”

Later on, in another tweet, the state Department called in the Russian Americans “to contact family and friends and to announce their safe location” if they are in St. Petersburg.

“Check social network and vigilant in respect of the environment”, – stated in the message.

Russia’s investigative Committee reported that in the storage room of the supermarket was the explosive device, equivalent in power to 200 grams of TNT. The report said that the device was Packed with shrapnel to increase damage.

No one has claimed responsibility for the explosion in supermarket chain “Perekrestok” in the Kalinin district of St. Petersburg.

The head of the local Department of the Investigative Committee Alexander Klaus reported that the explosion was hospitalized more than 10 people.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday called the explosion an act of terrorism.