The state Duma will introduce a zero reading for populist initiatives

The state Duma will introduce a zero reading for populist initiatives


Examination of bills will be engaged in Advisory Council of the “United Russia”, the same work can engage all the factions

Photo: lime/Alex Maishev

In the faction “United Russia” is planning to establish an expert Advisory Council for the law, a kind of filter for populist and “bogus” initiatives. This “Izvestia” said the source in the device of fraction and confirmed by several heads of intra-faction groups of “United Russia”. According to interlocutors of “Izvestia”, in the last convocation of the state Duma deputies have introduced bills in which essentially duplicated existing standards. Now bills waiting for the three levels of filtering: first, the initiative shall be submitted to intra-faction groups, and then to the General Council of the faction and then goes to the Vice speakers in charge of the relevant committees.

We will remind, deputies of the largest faction (343) EP divided into five groups, each composed of nearly 70 people. Administer the groups of the first Deputy head of the faction Raisa Karmazina, Adalbi Shhagoshev, Victor Pinsky, Victor kidyaev and Nikolai Pankov. The latter explained “Izvestia” that the Council on legislation will help to increase productivity the new MP corps.

— The new composition of Parliament has changed significantly, more than 60% of the group, which is under my leadership, is MPs who were first elected as list or single-member districts, — said Pankow. — The Deputy corps has demonstrated a desire to participate in legislative activities. For more effective work in our group has appointed the first Deputy head of the faction’s lawmaking (it was headed by the Deputy Andrei Isaev). In addition, in the intra-faction groups also will be created ekspertno-the Advisory Council where we can discuss new initiatives.

According to Pankov, the Council will consist of representatives of all areas, they will give a professional assessment of parliamentary initiatives, particularly those that offer newcomers the deputies.

According to another curator intra-faction groups, Raisa Karmazin, the Council along with members should include experts, lawyers and representatives of the Russian government.

— The Council needs to consider the initiative of the parliamentarian to determine whether it was a need that she will, really need something to fix in the legislation — perhaps similar rules are already there, and people did not understand is that, — said Karmazin. For example, as is the case with the confiscation of property: the norm is, but the problem lies in enforcement. The task of the experts is not just to approve or not to approve the bills, these details will tell the deputies about the current rules. This is a very useful Institute at fractions, she explained.

Is the system of coordination, not harmonization, in turn, stressed Adalbi Shhagoshev. Some new initiatives may not be to end professional and efficient, while others may simply coincide with the existing. As colleagues we need to consult and improve the quality of the work.

To form the General Council of the faction and to control its operation, according to “Izvestia”, can be charged to the first Deputy head of “United Russia” Andrey Isaev. Yesterday he was unavailable for comment.

Recall that in last convocation of the state Duma already there was a similar Council, but mostly he was engaged in the consideration of bills that had lain without motion for several years and a stream of initiatives from the regions.

In other Duma factions “news” said that also conduct or intend to conduct similar work with new projects.

— We have established a workable system of evaluation of draft legislation MPs. The initiative is the discussion on the Council of the faction, and all the MPs know that until that review is to obtain a professional evaluation of colleagues, they should not submit projects to the state Duma. The decision on the feasibility and relevance, if necessary, make corrections and additions, sometimes initiative gets sponsors. This gives the project weight and stability when defending, — said the head of the Central apparatus of the party “Fair Russia” Ruslan Tatarinov.

— All bills to introduce to the state Duma in mandatory discussed at the faction — said the press Secretary of the head of the Communist party Gennady Zyuganov Alexander Yushchenko. — In the last convocation that, maybe not always worked systematically, but “empty” the bills we have always tried to cut off. Faction necessarily coordinates the work of deputies, and each of them, maybe not officially, but always consults — such practice exists, — Yushchenko said.

The liberal Democrats today there is no such practice, but the issue was discussed at the expert level, told “Izvestia” a member of the faction Mikhail Degtyarev.

— In the last convocation of the Supreme Council of the liberal democratic party discussed the creation of a center of lawmaking. It is possible, in this convocation, we will again put him on the high Council of party, — said Degtyarev.