The U.S. and Russia clashed in the UN security Council on the...

The U.S. and Russia clashed in the UN security Council on the issue of chemical attacks in Syria


Представители США и России схлестнулись в Совбезе ООН по вопросу химических атак в Сирии

Discussion on the background of statements of the trump of the fact that Russia turns a blind eye to new incidents of chemical weapons

On Tuesday in new York held an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council convened on Russia’s initiative to discuss the situation with the use of chemical weapons in Syria. As stated in his speech, the permanent representative of Russia Vasily sebenza, this issue is “too important to divert the discussion in closed consultations”. “Besides, we have nothing to hide,” added the diplomat. He said that Russia has prepared a draft security Council resolution on the establishment of new international structures to investigate hematic in Syria.

“We want to rise above the differences and offer to create a new international investigative body that is based on impeccable and irrefutable data obtained transparent and credible way, could establish the facts for determination by the Security Council responsible for the use of poison gases as weapons,” – said Nebenzia.

According to him, the Joint UN and the Organisation for the prohibition of chemical weapons to investigate the attacks with the use of chemical agents in Syria (CMP), “completely discredited” and failed to investigate, becoming a tool of political manipulation.

In turn, the representative of the United States, Nikki Haley has called the Russian proposal an attempt to divert attention away from new initiatives of France, designed to bring to justice the perpetrators of the use of chemical weapons.

“Russia should look in the mirror before you call us to the Security Council to talk about chemical weapons,” said Haley. “When Russia does not like the facts, she is trying to divert attention from the debate.”

According to the Ambassador of the United States, over the past year, Russia has three times used its veto right to halt the work of the CMP because she did not like the results of the investigation.

“When the investigation found that the chemical attacks is ISIS, Russia is acceptable. When there is evidence that chemical weapons used by the Assad regime, Russia tried under any pretext to make a dent in the investigation and to create a smokescreen to challenge its conclusions,” said Haley. “So an independent investigation is not carried out. It is unacceptable to question the conclusions that you are not satisfied”.

Haley has rejected the Russian proposal to establish a new investigative body and urged to resume the work of the previous mechanism. It also again accused Russia of involvement in recent incidents.

“Not a surprise chemical attack using chlorine this week happened, reportedly, in the very place where the Assad regime is trying to achieve military superiority. Russia is complicit in the atrocities of the regime. Say Russia of today is anything about the suffering caused by the barbaric tactics of al-Assad? They will call Assad to account? Of course not. They never do,” said Haley.