The U.S. and Russia have developed bilateral shipping routes in the Arctic

The U.S. and Russia have developed bilateral shipping routes in the Arctic


Россия и США разработали двусторонние судоходные маршруты в Арктике

Routes are designed to prevent possible accidents due to increased shipping

In connection with the increase in shipping in the Arctic the United States and Russia propose to introduce bilateral routes for vessels in the Bering Strait and the Bering sea.

This was reported by the coast guard of the United States.

The two countries have jointly developed proposals for the creation of six bilateral routes and six districts increased caution swimming and submitted them for consideration by the International Maritime organization.

Located in U.S. and Russian territorial waters off the coast of Alaska and the Chukotka Peninsula, the routes are designed to help ships avoid the numerous shoals, reefs and Islands, as well as to reduce the risk of Maritime accidents and environmental disasters.

The proposed routes would be voluntary for all local and international ships.

No additional navigation AIDS for marking recommended bilateral routes are not provided. They also do not limit fishing and other fishing activities.

“Over the past decade, the U.S. and Russia have observed a stable increase in shipping in the Arctic”, – said the head of the Coast guard navigation standards Mike Szollosi.

According to him, the intensification of commercial and tourist traffic increases the risk of Maritime accidents, and the proposed bilateral routes are designed to reduce this risk.

“The U.S. coast guard attracts partners from other countries and agencies to develop joint proposals for the creation of navigable routes in General the reservoirs,” he added.