The U.S. is concerned about the project “Nord stream – 2”

The U.S. is concerned about the project “Nord stream – 2”


США обеспокоены проектом «Северный поток – 2»

Washington believes that the pipeline can be used for placement of sniffers and security in the Baltic sea

The project of the pipeline “Nord stream – 2” is of concern to intelligence and military leadership of the United States, because it will allow Moscow to introduce new technologies, listening and surveillance in the Baltic sea, said Thursday the Deputy assistant Secretary of state for energy policy Sandra Oudkerk, speaking in Berlin.

According to Oudkerk, she will meet with representatives of the German authorities to share with them the concerns about the project of gas pipeline from Russia to Germany.

A consortium of Western companies and the Russian giant Gazprom this week said that the start of preparatory work under the project at the Baltic coast of Germany.

As stated by Oudkerk, the U.S. Congress gave the President new authority to impose sanctions against various Russian projects related to pipelines.

Any company involved in such projects are “at an increased risk of sanctions,” she said. However, she added that in their attempts to stop the project, Washington intends to rely primarily on diplomatic action. “Nord stream – 2” is one of several Russian projects to export gas to Western Europe bypassing Ukraine.

According to Oudkerk, defences of Washington are in part related to the fact that earlier Russia has blocked deliveries of gas to Ukraine and other countries, and this will contribute to the preservation of “vulnerabilities” in Russian-European relations for another 30-40 years.

For the same reasons the United States opposes the project “Turkish stream” – ground pipeline running through the territory of Turkey.

Oudkerk added that the Baltic region in military terms is heavily loaded and is subject to the risks: “When we are talking about the fact that other States and companies can use infrastructure projects to embed technology listening and tracking, the concern regarding this particular pipeline project in the Baltic sea”.