The U.S. justice Department revised attitude to legal marijuana

The U.S. justice Department revised attitude to legal marijuana


Минюст США пересмотрел отношение к легальной марихуане

It is opposed by the leaders of the States to legalize marijuana

Minister of justice Jeff sessions has decided to abandon politics in the era of the Obama administration, which stipulated that Federal prosecutors do not hinder the legislative process marijuana legalization, which is conducted by some States.

The “principle of non-intervention” were some exceptions, for example, the Federal government had no right to close eye on involved in this business for organized crime or the attempt to distribute the drug to minors.

The decision and Roman sessions followed in three days after manufacturing, storage, transportation and sale of marijuana was legalized in California – the sixth US state that has taken this step. It is projected that by 2021, the volume of the market of legal marijuana will reach $ 23 billion.

A number of governors and lawmakers from both parties criticized the decision of the Ministry of justice. They noted that reorientation of law enforcement officers on legal marijuana will lead to the allocation of fewer resources to fight the “opioid epidemic.” It was also noted that the Federal government should not interfere in the Affairs of States