The U.S. justice Department to start an investigation of Hillary Clinton

The U.S. justice Department to start an investigation of Hillary Clinton


Минюст США может начать расследование деятельности Хиллари Клинтон

Earlier, some lawmakers have proposed to appoint for this spectacular

The U.S. Department of justice is considering whether to conduct the investigation on a number of topics raised by the Republicans in Congress, including those associated with the former candidate in presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton.

In a letter sent Monday to the house Committee on the judiciary, assistant attorney General Stephen Boyd said that the attorney-General Jeff sessions instructed senior prosecutors to assess the issues raised by the legislators in a letter sent earlier this year.

The Chairman of the Committee, Congressman Robert Goodlet, proposed in July Sesnse to appoint a special Prosecutor to investigate the activities of the Clinton Foundation, use Hillary Clinton’s personal email server as Secretary of state, the allegations of collusion between its headquarters and the National Committee of the Democratic party, as well as transactions for the sale of U.S. uranium mines, the company backed by Russia, during the presidency of Barack Obama.

The letter also proposed to study certain aspects of the FBI during the investigation of the Russian intervention in the elections of 2016.

Boyd reported that the prosecutors of the Ministry of justice will be “as required” to report directly Sensu and Deputy attorney General Rod Rosenstein about whether to conduct any investigation. He also promised that the Ministry of justice “will evaluate any issues based solely on facts and law.”

Sensu will probably have to answer questions about it when he will speak to members of the Committee on Tuesday.

President Donald trump has strongly criticized the investigation of the role of Russia in the last election and the possible collusion of the Moscow campaign headquarters trump, which is the former head of the FBI Robert Mueller. Intelligence agencies of the U.S. in January came to the conclusion that Russia has taken steps to harm the Clinton campaigns and to improve the odds of trump winning.

Trump has repeatedly urged law enforcement agencies to pay closer attention to Clinton.

“Ever wonder why the Ministry of justice (and FBI) are not doing all the unscrupulous things associated with dishonest Hillary and the Democrats,” trump wrote on his Twitter account in October.

The President’s comments and actions and Roman sessions were the reason for the complaints of the Democrats on the Executive interference in the sphere of the judiciary.

“If the attorney General will bend under pressure from President trump and his allies and appoint a special Prosecutor to investigate the actions of the vanquished opponent’s trump, it may mean the end of the Ministry of justice as an independent institution,” tweeted Congressman Adam Schiff.

Congressman Gregory Meeks said that the actions of the attorney General are “political veil” designed to divert attention from the collusion between the headquarters of the trump and Russia.

“The President and sessions just had politicized the Department of justice, trampling on the most sacred principle of the rule of law in our country,” wrote the Mix on Twitter.

Congressman Andy Biggs, one of the Republicans who signed the July letter Kudlata, said that the response of the Ministry of justice is “encouraging”, but not as strong as we would like legislators.

“We must be impartial, independent special Prosecutor to investigate the raised issues. We have already spent a lot of time on pointless evaluations and empty promises”, – reads the statement of Biggs.