The U.S. military experienced a “reasonable” a flock of drones

The U.S. military experienced a “reasonable” a flock of drones


The Pentagon held a successful test Perdix tiny drones that can fly in a flock and to communicate with each other, coordinating the movement and direction of flight. System testing was conducted at the end of October last year over the city of China lake (California), but the American military was told about it only now.

As reported by Gizmodo, three fighter-bomber F/A-18 “Super hornet” released 103 micro-drone, which are then gathered in a flock and fulfilled a mission to gather intelligence at low altitudes. Dimensions smart UAV developed in 2013 within the framework of the aerospace program AeroAstro at mit, does not exceed 30 centimeters and a weight of 230 grams.

Given the size of the fleet, drones cannot be controlled from a single centre each separately. Separating the virtual “brain” of the system, as a football team, receives commands from a General purpose human operator, and then executes them in the most optimal way.

According to the Director of the office of strategic options (SCO) William Roper, the UAV swarm has no leader — Perdix behave as an integral organism, adapting to changing conditions. For example, the system will continue to function if one of the team members fails, or when reinforcements arrive.

Perdix can be used for reconnaissance and surveillance, and to carry a warhead. Currently, the US Department of defense is busy finding a contractor who will be engaged in serial production of micro-drones.

Source: Gizmodo