The U.S. military tested the barracks created by 3D printer

The U.S. military tested the barracks created by 3D printer


The American military presence in many places around the world, and this means that soldiers need a lot of residential and business premises. Now break camp with the help of special mobile residential complexes and tents, but soon things can change. Engineering laboratory U.S. army tests of building 3D-printers, able in a short time to create a dwelling on the ground before arrival of troops.

The ACES program exists for more than three years and is conducted jointly with NASA. The project experts are developing ways of creating temporary structures using additive technologies, with an emphasis on the use of local materials and mobile devices for three-dimensional printing.

Professionals working on the project, explain that ultimately they want to develop a cheap and fast way to build barracks, walls, fences and even pipelines at any outdoor location where you need it. The use of materials in specific locations will allow the army and the U.S. government to reduce the cost of transportation of construction materials and labor, as in the case of the use of 3D printers it is possible to reduce the number of builders is about 60 percent. Now the researchers have already printed a small concrete shed with an area of about 50 square meters.

The objectives of the NASA engineers working on the project included the creation of a mobile 3D printer. Now they are already working on the third generation of the device that promise to finish this fall.