The U.S. Senate began to discuss the issue of immigration

The U.S. Senate began to discuss the issue of immigration


Сенат США начал обсуждать проблему иммиграции

Guarantees that Congress solve the problem with the young nezadokumentirovannyj immigrants until March 5, no

97 U.S. senators voted to begin a wide-ranging discussion on immigration reform because a number of disagreements about of what lawmakers hope to see in the end.

“I hope that the Senate will be able to take advantage of this opportunity to achieve real progress,” said Republican majority leader in the Senate Mitch McConnell.

In the coming days is expected the debate on the future of hundreds of thousands of immigrants. President Donald trump initiated the discussion last year, announcing the closure of the Program deferred action for arrivals in the U.S. children (DACA), which gave temporary legal status to immigrants brought to America illegally in childhood. Trump has given the Congress time till March 5 to decide their fate.

Trump has offered to provide to the beneficiaries of DACA, the opportunity to obtain American citizenship. This idea is supported by the majority of legislators of both political parties. In addition to the construction of the wall on the us-Mexican border, trump is committed to reducing the number of immigrants that America takes from all over the world, and to give priority to beginners, with advanced labor skills.

The Republicans of the Senate had announced a proposal the Law on the security and continuity (Secure and Succeed Act) – which includes a plan of the White house on immigration.

“I support the proposal of the President and my colleagues [Republicans] about its implementation,” said McConnell. “The law on the security and continuity just, touches on the most urgent problems expressed by both parties, and complies with the conditions put forward by the President.”

Any suggestion of immigration requires the consent of 60 senators. The Republicans have 51 votes. Democrats said the Republican plan on immigration is doomed to failure.

“The key to solve problems – sharing bill largely acceptable to most members in both parties,” said the leader of the democratic minority in the Senate, Chuck Schumer. “The only enemy here is to embrace all. Now is not the time nor place to reform the entire immigration system. Rather, it is the time for a limited bill.”

Democrats and some Republicans have proposed to limit the immigration bill only solve the problem for DACA and improvements in the field of border security.

According to democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein, is also unlikely.

“Likely, we will see at least three of the bill,” said Feinstein, “Voice of America”. “The first is likely to be the Republican bill, the second bill of the Democrats. Most likely, they are both defeated, and then maybe a third bill will be a compromise.”

A compromise bill may come from the working group of the Senate from both political parties. Under the leadership of the Republican Senator from Maine Susan Collins, the group helped to put an end to a three-day partial shutdown of the Federal government last month.

“I think [the Senate proposal for immigration proposal] is doable,” said Collins, “Voice of America”. “We are working on our bipartisan, common coalition proposal, which I expect, we will present this week”.

The Senate will consider a separate proposal on immigration as amendments to a consistent bill, which will serve as a legislative tool for immigration reform.

“This is a topic which we have discussed in recent years,” said Republican Senator John Barrasso from Wyoming. “I expect a very vigorous debate and then a vote – whoever has received 60 votes”.

“I’m not sure that this will happen, because we have this [reform of the immigration laws of the United States] tried,” said Democrat Senator from Illinois dick Durbin.

“70 or 80 percent of Americans, including me, agree that children who grew up here, who had no trouble [with the law], must not only be able to stay, but we should be interested in their desire to stay and become part of a growing economy and our dynamic society,” – said in an interview with “Voice of America” the Republican Senator from Missouri Roy blunt. “70 percent of Americans think we need to improve security measures at the border. Surely these two things can be combined into legislation that will be on the President’s Desk”.

Any Senate bill must also be approved by the House of representatives and signed by trump to gain the force of law.