The U.S. Treasury promises new sanctions against Russia in the next 30...

The U.S. Treasury promises new sanctions against Russia in the next 30 days


Минфин США обещает новые санкции против России в ближайшие 30 дней

Minister Mnuchin said that the work on sanctions continues

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said that the administration of Donald trump in the next 30 days will impose new sanctions against Russia for a number of actions, including intervention in the US presidential election in 2016.

“You can count on the fact that the sanctions will appear in the next 30 days. We implement all existing sanctions and introducing new,” said Mnuchin, speaking on Monday at the University of California in Los Angeles, according to news Agency Bloomberg.

On Friday, the Finance Minister told reporters at the White house that he plans to inform media about the measures taken in the coming weeks.

“We are working on sanctions against Russia. I can assure you that this work is going on. I’ll get back to you in the next few weeks to talk about it,” said Mnuchin reporters at a briefing in the White house.

Republicans and Democrats in Congress last summer, almost unanimously adopted the law on new sanctions against Russia for its intervention in the election campaign.

The law came into force earlier this year, but no new sanctions was not announced, after which the President, Donald trump has become a subject of sharp criticism for what he doesn’t punish Moscow. The American leader is accused that he is too soft attitude of his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

Administration officials say that sanctions against those who do business with the Russian defense sector and the intelligence, came into force on January 29. According to them, given the long time frame associated with major defence deals, it is better to wait for that date to begin to apply restrictive measures, instead of to impose them retroactively.

Trump sometimes skeptical of the conclusions of American intelligence that Moscow interfered in the election campaign of 2016 to shift the vote in his favor. The President also indignant about a Federal investigation of Russia’s actions and possible collusion with his campaign. Moscow denies any involvement in the elections, but trump denies the existence of collusion.

Mnuchin stressed that the Ministry of Finance has prepared an open and classified version of the report on sanctions in accordance with the law in 2017. Public version of the report included a list of Russian oligarchs who reportedly close to the Kremlin.

“I have repeatedly said that we are working on sanctions in continuation of these efforts”, – said Mnuchin.

The Minister noted that the administration continues to study the issue of interference in the elections and works closely with the FBI, including providing the Agency with information related to the recent charges brought against Russian citizens and organizations.

“As necessary, we will consider imposing sanctions against individuals on the basis of the information available to the FBI,” said Mnuchin.

Administration officials working on sanctions, explain to the slow nature of this process causes of a legal nature, arguing that it cannot be expedited only on the basis of critical materials in the media.