The U.S. wants to ban sale of smartphones without removable batteries

The U.S. wants to ban sale of smartphones without removable batteries


After the recent scandal slower iPhone because of battery wear the “Apple” the company drew attention not only the Internet criticism, but U.S. authorities. However, Apple is their actions can spoil the sale of not only themselves, but all all manufacturers of smartphones with a monolithic body, because the authorities in Washington state are considering a bill prohibiting the sale of devices in which it is impossible to replace the battery yourself.

It is worth noting that the bill has already been approved by the relevant Committee and is now undergoing additional checks before will be the final vote. You might think that the new law was developed rather quickly, but it is not. The author of the project of Jeff Morris long ago drew attention to manufacturers, which due to hull design to force users to buy new devices, rather than repair the old one. As stated by the Jeff,

“I developed the project even before the news about the deliberate slow down by Apple for their smartphones. Initially the new law was supposed to deal with unscrupulous manufacturers who impose the purchase of new devices for its users. The scandal with Apple only gave the bill the necessary momentum.”

The new law, if adopted, will affect only smartphones, laptops, tablets, ebooks and similar devices and will not affect small devices like smart watches, bracelets, wireless headphones and others, because they install a removable battery is really difficult. It is also worth noting that similar bills are being assessed in 17 US States and they all have one thing in common: do not let the companies make it difficult to change the batteries in their devices.