The U.S. will sell Ukraine coal

The U.S. will sell Ukraine coal


США впервые продадут уголь Украине

The company from Pennsylvania put Kiev 700,000 tons of coal

The US said Monday that it will sell coal to Ukraine, weakening its energy dependence on Russia and Pro-Russian separatists in the East of the country.

In accordance with the agreement, the company Xcoal Energy & Resources from Pennsylvania to the end of the year to put the Ukrainian state company “Centrenergo” 700 000 tons of coal, to help her cope with the heating of residential and commercial premises in the winter months. The first batch at the price of 113 dollars per ton is planned to send from the port of Baltimore in August.

The Minister of energy of the USA Rick Perry said that for the US, the deal “plays a key role in achieving a dominant position in the energy market”. President Donald trump has pledged to revitalize the American coal industry, which has lost thousands of jobs due to the sharp transition of the US to cheaper and clean sources of energy, primarily natural gas, while coal demand in Europe and Asia rose.

Ukraine is struggling to cope with the provision of its energy needs in March of this year when it blocked the supply of coal from Eastern part of the country, which is under the control of separatists fighting Kiev for control of the industrial sector of the country. Ukraine urged to completely stop the import of coal from Russia, which Kiev and the West accuse of supporting separatist unrest in the East who over the past three years has claimed 10,000 lives.

Speaking at the U.S. Embassy in Kiev, President of Xcoal’s Ernie Thrasher, called the agreement “historic” and said the company “remains firmly committed to serve the needs of Ukraine.”