The UN Commission has accused Assad’s troops in the third case, the...

The UN Commission has accused Assad’s troops in the third case, the use of chemical weapons


Idlib, Syria, September 2016

Photo: Reuters/Pixstream

The international Commission investigating the use of chemical weapons in Syria submitted to the UN security Council fourth report. It says that the installed third case of the use by Damascus of chemical agents in Syria

The UN and the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) report submitted to the UN security Council, said that chemical weapons on 16 March 2015 in the village of Kaminas Idlib province applied the Syrian government forces, reports Reuters. The Agency said that he was able to see the text of the report, which have not been published and may be perused by members of the security Council.

Presented on Friday, October 21, became the fourth report prepared in the course of a 13-month investigation of cases of use of chemical weapons in Syria.

During the investigation it was established that Syrian government forces used helicopters that dropped barrels of chlorine. The report States that these flights were made with two bases where he was stationed 253-255 and I-I squadron 63rd helicopter crews.

However, the investigation failed to find out the names of the people who commanded the operation, the report notes that soldiers responsible should be held accountable.

The international group of the United Nations and the OPCW is investigating nine case the use of chlorine in Syria, but in five of them, the Commission was unable to identify the perpetrators of the chemical attacks.

The charge attack Eminase is the third put forward in the UN against Damascus. In the previous report, which was submitted in August, government forces were accused of using chlorine 16 March 2015 Carmine and 21 April 2014 Talmanes.