The UN high Commissioner for human rights: trump undermines freedom of the...

The UN high Commissioner for human rights: trump undermines freedom of the press


Верховный комиссар ООН по правам человека: Трамп подрывает свободу прессы

Zeid RA’ad al-Hussein believes the attacks on the media, dangerous behaviour

The UN high Commissioner for human rights Zeid RA’ad al-Hussein warns that press freedom in the United States is subjected to harassment by a President Donald trump, that may entail consequences in both national and international scale.

And words and actions have consequences, and therefore in their selection should be cautious, stressed al-Hussein. According to the high Commissioner, the habit of the President of the trump to call respected publications and the media the false and fraudulent harmful.

According to al-Hussein, to call journalists dishonest and unscrupulous people and accuse them of spreading false news is dangerous.

“Isn’t this incitement to attacks on journalists? Assume that a journalist will suffer at the hands of one of these organizations. Will suffer if the President the responsibility for what has instigated this?” – says Hussein.

According to him, the demonization of the press is dangerous, as this has implications in other areas. The words of the President of the United States get a resonance around the world.

“Take, for example, Cambodia: there to take away the licenses of media, from radio programs. And refer to the statements of the President of the United States. Things will develop in the same direction?” – said UN high Commissioner.

Hussain recalls that freedom of the press is one of the cornerstones of the American Constitution, so it’s no surprise that the President, instead of protecting this right, attacks on the press.

UN high Commissioner calls It a shocking and potentially dangerous turn, which can lead to the spread of fear, self-censorship, prohibitions, and subsequently violence.

Trump regularly criticizes the media like CNN, the New York Times and the Washington Post. Earlier in August, he criticized journalists for coverage of the far-right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, calling them “dishonest people”. The President has repeatedly criticized journalists in public speeches and on Twitter.