The United States accused North Korea in the Commission of global cyber...

The United States accused North Korea in the Commission of global cyber attacks


США обвинили Северную Корею в совершении глобальной кибератаки

WannaCry the virus struck computers in 150 countries, causing billions of dollars in damage

The administration of the trump officially accuses North Korea of committing a massive cyber attack that affected hundreds of thousands of computers worldwide.

“The attack was massive and caused billions of dollars in damage,” – said the adviser on internal security Tom Bossert in an article for the Wall Street Journal, which was published on Monday evening.

Pyongyang has long suspected in the spread of a computer virus WannaCry, which in may of this year has affected at least 150 countries, depriving users of access to files and other important functions. Among the victims were American delivery service FedEx, Spanish Telecom Telefonica and the British national health service, which was forced to cancel operations in hospitals and direct ambulance to other hospitals. Virus program demanded a ransom in exchange for unlocking the files on the infected computers.

Subsequently, the WannaCry attack was stopped by a British hacker who found the function in your code that stops the virus.