The United States raised import duties for solar panels

The United States raised import duties for solar panels


США подняли ввозную пошлину для солнечных батарей

President Donald trump considers necessary to protect American manufacturers

President Donald trump has raised the import duty on the imports of US solar panels to protect American manufacturers.

Donald trump has repeatedly promised to pursue a more assertive policy towards China and other exporting countries, which, according to him, competing with American manufacturers.

Import duties on solar panels will be 30%, but over time, they will be reduced. Two American companies that produce solar panels, sought higher import duties to protect themselves from cheap imports.

Industry of solar energy in the US is estimated at 28 billion US dollars. It works 260000 people. The representatives of the trade group of the industry talk that only 1/7 of workers engaged in direct production of solar panels, the rest of their set. The Association of industries of solar energy USA declares that the new tariffs will result in the loss of tens of thousands of jobs in the country and will postpone or cancel billions of dollars of investment in clean energy production.

China and other countries that will face new tariffs, may appeal the decision to the world trade organization.