The United States urged Russia to extend the mandate of UN investigators...

The United States urged Russia to extend the mandate of UN investigators in Syria


США призвали Россию продлить мандат следователей ООН по Сирии

The white house has urged Moscow does not agree with the conclusions of the investigation, to change its position

U.S. urged to renew the mandate of the UN-led investigation that sought to establish responsible for the use of chemical weapons in Syria.

Washington recalled two chemical attacks this year.

Western governments had earlier said that the alleged chemical attack in the Syrian city of al-Glutamine, which occurred a few days before another similar crime nearby, “carries the distinctive features of the Syrian regime”.

“These events show how important it is for the Security Council extended the work of the Joint UN and OPCW to investigate (SMR), which is mandated to formally establish responsibility for such attacks, which is crucial for their prevention in future”, – reads the statement of the White house.

“We call on Russia to change course before the expiry of the mandate of the CMP and believe that all responsible States have to vote for the extension of the work of this important body,” the statement reads.

On Tuesday, Russia challenged the conclusion of the CMP that the Syrian government has used poison sarin gas in the city of Khan shaykhun, located 15 kilometers from al-Vitaminy. We are talking about the attack on 4 April, which killed more than 80 people, including children.

Ally of Syria, Russia, and the United States proposed an alternative draft resolutions on the extension of the CMP after the expiration of his mandate on November 16.