The United States will not Fund the reconstruction of Syria if there...

The United States will not Fund the reconstruction of Syria if there will be Iran


США не будут финансировать восстановление Сирии, если там останется Иран


The United States will not Fund the reconstruction of Syria if there will be Iran


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The Secretary of state Pompeo said that the withdrawal of Iranian forces from Syria becomes one of the main goals of the United States, along with the peaceful settlement of

The US said that they would not give Syria any post-war assistance in rebuilding the country if there will be Iran.

In his speech to Pro-Israel organization Secretary Mike Pompeo promised to aggressively confront Iran across the middle East, saying that Syria is the decisive battleground.

“The burden of ousting Iran out of the country lies with the Syrian government, which is responsible for its presence there,” said Pompeo in the Jewish Institute for national security of America.

“If Syria does not ensure the complete withdrawal of the Iranian-backed forces, she will not get a single dollar from the US for restoration,” said Pompeo.

The words of the head of American diplomacy, in fact, expand the list of official reasons for U.S. involvement in the civil war in Syria, which, according to observers, killing about 365 thousand people in 2011.

Former US President Barack Obama authorized military action to eliminate the “Islamic state” extremist forces, which boasted numerous brutal attacks in Syria, and the West.

In Syria there are about two thousand American military, which is mainly engaged in training and advising is different from “Islamic state” forces leading to an increasingly bitter struggle for the overthrow of President Bashar al-Assad.

Pompeo acknowledged that Assad’s position has strengthened due to Russian and Iranian support. According to him, after the “Islamic state” turned into “his own shadow”, new priorities have arisen.

“Defeat “the Islamic state”, once our main goal remains prioritetnoe task. But now this is joined by two other mutually reinforcing targets, said Pompeo. – We are talking about a peaceful political settlement of the Syrian conflict and the removal from Syria of all Iranian and Iranian-backed forces.”

Financial threats to the US are unlikely to have an immediate impact on Syria.

Trump adviser for national security John Bolton, a longtime hawk against Iran, told reporters in September that American troops will remain in Syria “as long as Iranian troops are outside of the Iranian borders.”

Iran, ruled by Shiite Muslim clergy, sent troops and his Lebanese ally, Hezbollah, supporting Assad is a secular leader who belongs to the Alawite course and which forces resist tough-minded Sunni Muslims.

“Iran sees instability in Syria is a Golden opportunity to shift the regional balance of power in their favor,” said Pompeo.

He warned that Iran, a sworn enemy of Israel, would open a new front against the Jewish state, if they stay in Syria.

Pompeo did not demand the withdrawal from Syria, Russia, which maintains the country’s only permanent military base outside the former Soviet Union.