The United States will suspend aid to the Palestinians if they do...

The United States will suspend aid to the Palestinians if they do not seek peace with Israel


США приостановят помощь палестинцам, если они не будут стремиться к миру с Израилем

The President stated this after the meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu in Davos

The US President Donald trump said that assistance to the Palestinians from the United States may be suspended if they are not committed to peace with Israel. As the President noted, the Palestinian authorities have shown disrespect to the United States, without meeting with the Vice-President of the United States Mike Pence during his recent visit to the middle East.

President trump, who met on the sidelines of the world economic forum in Davos with Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, after the meeting stressed their commitment to achieve peace in the middle East.

Trump expressed the hope that Palestinian society common sense will prevail and the Palestinians will demonstrate a commitment to peace.

However, the President warned: “If they expressed contempt for us a week ago, not allowing our wonderful Vice-President to meet with them, while we provide them with assistance on hundreds of millions of dollars – a huge amount, the amount (extent) of which no one is aware – so that the money will not get to them until then, until they… start peace negotiations”.