The US administration asks for the construction of the wall 33 billion...

The US administration asks for the construction of the wall 33 billion dollars


Администрация США просит на строительство стены 33 млрд долларов

Donald trump believes the strengthening of border with Mexico, a key item on its immigration strategy

The US administration has transmitted to Congress a request for the construction of protective structures and the strengthening of the border with Mexico. According to CNN and the Wall Street Journal, which managed to get acquainted with the documents prepared by the Customs and border service (SVR), the construction of the wall on the southern border of the country will cost $ 33 billion.

Recall the construction of the wall on the border with Mexico was one of the key points of the campaign strategies of Donald trump. This week he reiterated that he was willing to discuss any changes to immigration law only if Congress will approve funding for this project.

According to the document entitled “Critical requirements of SVR to strengthen border security”, the construction of protective structures on the border will cost $ 18 billion. Another 15 billion will be required for the development and purchase of technology and staff training.

In the transmitted to the Congress the letter indicated that the border wall will be built with a total length of 2,026 miles (3,261 km). It is planned to erect new defenses long 864 miles (1390,4 km) and to strengthen already existing fences on plots with a length of 1,163 miles (1872 km).

Necessary for the project financing, the requesters suggest to master for 10 years. Thus in 2018, for example, plans to build a new wall with a length of 60 miles, while reinforcing already existing boom length 14 miles, spending $ 1.6 billion. The same expenses planned for fiscal year 2019, and then in the next years requested amount will grow.

The U.S. Congress has not yet made a decision on the financing of large-scale construction. At the end of last year, the Republican leader in the Senate John kornyn demanded that the administration provide legislators “a comprehensive strategy to strengthen the border,” saying that the upper chamber of Congress will not separately consider requests for the construction of the wall.