The US believes the expulsion of American diplomats from Russia unjustified

The US believes the expulsion of American diplomats from Russia unjustified


США считают высылку американских дипломатов из России неоправданной

The representative of US state Department said that Russia had shown that she is not interested in dialogue

WASHINGTON – the United States considers unjustified expulsion of American diplomats from Russia.

“Today Russia’s expulsion of American diplomats marks the further deterioration of relations between the US and Russia”, – reads the statement of the White house.

“Expulsion of unregistered agents of the Russian intelligence from the United States and another two dozen partner countries and NATO allies, which was announced earlier this week, was the appropriate response to the Russian attack on the UK. Russia’s response was not unexpected, and the United States will cope with it”, – said the White house.

State Department spokesman Heather Nauert also condemned the actions of Moscow, which previously announced the Minister of foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov.

“Russia must not behave like a victim”, she added, noting that the real victims are those who suffered as a result of the use of toxic substances in the British city of Salisbury on 4 March.

Thursday at the press briefing Neuert official said that a decision on a retaliatory expulsion of 60 American diplomats and the closure of the US Consulate General in St. Petersburg, Russia showed that she is not interested in establishing a dialogue on real issues.

Neuert also noted that the U.S. is considering options for response actions undertaken by the Russian side step.

“The current Administration has taken very strict measures against Russia. Not against the Russian people, but against the Russian government”, – said the press-Secretary of the state Department.

Answering a question of journalists, whether in turn, Russia expelled U.S. diplomats and security officials, working under diplomatic cover, Heather Nauert noted that “our colleagues” in the state Department who coped well with their work.

On Thursday the head of Russian foreign Ministry Sergei Lavrov said that Moscow will give mirror response to all the countries who send the Russian diplomats. According to the Russian Minister, Russia will be expelled the same number of employees of foreign diplomatic missions.

Lavrov said that the US Ambassador to Russia John huntsman was summoned to the foreign Ministry, where he was briefed on the response to the expulsion of Russian diplomats.

It was announced that the Russian Federation will be sent 60 American diplomats.

It clarifies that we are talking about 58 diplomatic staff in Moscow and two in Ekaterinburg.

It is reported that they must leave Russia to the fifth of April. The foreign Minister of Russia said the closure of the U.S. Consulate in St. Petersburg.

It is reported that the Consulate will be closed for two days.

“The response will be a mirror and not only”, – said Lavrov.

As previously reported, Russia’s Investigative Committee, which is investigating the poisoning of Julia Skripal, said that he had sent the British authorities a request for judicial assistance.

“The Russian side has requested their British counterparts to make a series of procedural actions directed on establishment of circumstances of Commission of crime, and to provide copies of materials held by them on the specified fact criminal investigation”, – stated in the message of the RCDS.

Russia asks London to give her “results of survey of a place of discovery March 4, 2018 Julia Skripal unconscious, results of medical examinations and of examinations”.

Former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter was poisoned nervously-paralytic substance that was deposited on the door of their house in England, announced on Wednesday, the British anti-terrorist police.

“The United States will benefit from a reduction in the number of Russian spies”, – assured Neuert in a briefing on Thursday.

Expressing concern at the deterioration of relations between the two nuclear powers, the UN Secretary-General Antonio of Gutteres urged Moscow and Washington to discuss their differences.

“During the Cold war were the mechanisms of communication and control, to avoid escalation, that the situation is out of control, increasing the tension. These mechanisms were abolished, said Gutteres reporters. – I believe that arrangements of this type is needed again”.

U.S. Ambassador to Russia John huntsman said “Voice of America” that Washington wants to continue dialogue “on the most important issues such as strategic stability and arms control, which affect not only U.S.-Russian relations, but also affect the stability and prosperity of the whole world”.