The US bombed Yemen in response to the attacks of its destroyers

The US bombed Yemen in response to the attacks of its destroyers


The U.S. Navy destroyer USS Mason off the coast of Yemen, September 2016

Photo: Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Blake Midnight/us Navy via AP

The United States has caused “defensive” attacks on the radar stations in Yemen in response to the attacks of its destroyer. Previously, the Pentagon warned that the US “properly” react to the attacks

USA bombed the locations of radars in the coastal areas controlled by the Houthi rebels territories in Yemen, reports Reuters , citing a statement by the Pentagon.

“These limited strikes in self-defense was held to protect our staff, our ships and our freedom of navigation in important sea passage”, — quotes Agency the words of the Pentagon spokesman, Peter cook.

In a statement, cook also said that, according to initial estimates, the location of the radar is destroyed.

“The United States will respond to a future threat to our ships and commercial traffic if necessary,” warned the representative of the Pentagon.

The Agency adds that these are approved President Barack Obama’s strikes were the first direct military actions of Washington against targets Houthi rebels continued during the Yemeni conflict.

On Wednesday the Pentagon stated about the new attack of the destroyer USS Mason off the coast of Yemen. The statement said that at least one rocket was fired from the territory controlled by the Houthis, the Ship used protective countermeasures, and the missile did not reach its goal. A similar incident occurred two days earlier. Then within the hour the ship with two missiles were fired. None of them reached the target, both fell into the sea.

Press Secretary of the Pentagon Peter cook during a press conference with journalists said yesterday that the US “properly” react to the attacks. “Those who threaten our forces should know that the command of the United States reserves the right to protect their ships. And we will respond to this threat in due time and proper manner,” he said.

Events off the coast of Yemen with American warships began to unfold after the recent airstrike on a funeral procession in the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, which killed 140 people and more than 500 injured. The incident occurred during the funeral of a senior member of the rebels-Houthis.

The government accused the Houthis to attack the coalition, headed by Saudi Arabia. In the command of the air force Arabian coalition has denied any involvement in air strikes. This week bi-Bi-si referring to sources reported that the Saudi authorities have privately acknowledgedthat one of the aircraft headed by Riyadh coalition took part in the strikes on funeral ceremony in the capital of Yemen.