The US has again accused Russia of violating the sanctions regime against...

The US has again accused Russia of violating the sanctions regime against the DPRK


США вновь обвинили Россию в несоблюдении режима санкций против КНДР

The state Department is referred to reports on the delivery of North Korean coal to Russian ports for further shipment to other countries

The US has again accused Russia that it does not apply international sanctions against North Korea imposed in connection with its missile and nuclear tests.

“We warned Russia on illicit trade in North Korean coal through its ports,” he tweeted on Monday, state Department spokesman Heather Nauert.

“Russia says it will carry out all resolutions of the UN Security Council, but it failed to apply them, and rewards the illegal behavior of the DPRK, said Neuert. Time for excuses are no more.”

Nauert referred to a recent Reuters report that last year, North Korea has taken in Russia the coal which was then transported to South Korea and Japan, which probably is a violation of UN sanctions.

The UN Security Council in August last year had banned North Korea to export coal under sanctions designed to deprive it of an important source of foreign currency, which is necessary for Pyongyang to Finance its programs to develop nuclear weapons and missiles.

Citing three anonymous sources in the Western intelligence, a news Agency reported that since North Korea is at least three times brought coal to the Russian ports of Nakhodka and Holmsk, where it was unloaded, then loaded onto the ships that deliver it to South Korea or Japan.

A source in the Western shipping industry separately told Reuters that some of these cargoes were delivered to Japan and South Korea in October last year.